Tuesday, September 18, 2007

bad blogger

I've been so busy, I've forgotten to post here! Miss V has me running my tush off. Wait, scratch that. It's still there, darnit. Anyway, I've been having fun posting over here.

I've also been knitting like a maniac. Many of you already know about the squirrel. I have to admit, i've been giggling ever since we hatched this plan. I finished it Friday and delivered it to Miss V, and she concocted the note and gave him all his other little goodies.

I've always thought unfelted, unstuffed critters look like road kill.

I finally got a good pic of Liam in his band uniform. He looks so cool! I was gonna say grown up, but . . . well, he's 15. And he looks it, lol.

We're going to adjust his hat this coming Friday. He kept complaining that it was down on his glasses, and trying to use the excuse that he needed contacts because of it. In fact, several of his (girl)friends told me i needed to buy him contacts so everyone could see his beautiful eyes. All the more reason not to, in my book! I'm going to have enough troubles with this kid when he finally decides that girls are girls, and not just buddies.

This is the evidence of Liam's first (and at this point, ONLY) driving lesson. Mark has decided to teach him in his pick up truck, which is a manual. I sat here and LAUGHED the entire time.

This little soaker was made from wool warps wound by a lady at the SWG here in Omaha, who passed away last year. Her husband gave them all her yarns and equipment, and between Tara and Miss V, i got all kinds of charity wool. Whee! Ok, now i gotta scoot, cuz i gotta get these LOVELY children ready for school.

While you're at it, we'd appreciate some good thoughts for the kitty joplin. She's been ill, and I finally convinced mark it might be a good idea to take her to the vet. She's going thursday. She's 12. sigh.


Maryellen said...

I hope your kitty feels better soon> Cute squirrel. I and Megan love squirrels.

Lynne said...

Well the squirrel went down a treat! 15 and taking driving lessons.... I bunny hopped my sister's car up the court but it was only the third time I'd tried driving 8-) My sister still reminds me more than 20 years on.

Lisa said...

I hope your kitty is fine. Please let us know when you can.

I'm a bad blogger too. I haven't blogged my fabulous sock package from you yet, but I absolutely LOVED it!

I was also thrilled to discover that as a Lime and Violet stalker that my partner was none other than the one, the only adminnie. Picture me starstruck...

I'll be posting soon--probably this weekend since things have calmed down at school this week. I won't be able to show the chocolate though--it's already gone!

Therese said...

Yay marching band!