Friday, September 21, 2007


my babies are growing up. liam is a freshman in high school, and 15. And about to go to his first school dance with a girl. He asked one of his friends to go with him to homecoming. And she said yes. i know her mom (she's a band parent as well), and we are actually coordinating so that liam and her daughter look good together, lol. i don't think liam expected us to do that, lol! i promise i will post pictures.

i told steph that he had a date, and s he said "that's so cute!" she forgets that she didn't even get to go to her freshman homecoming. she was a hellion that year.

just one bad part. that day is a freaking insane day! there's a marching invitational that afternoon, steph's best friend from high school is getting married that day (and we're invited!), and then there's homecoming. oy!

One question for ya. Since Liam isn't old enough to drive and pick her up on his own, do we chauffeur them? More like, do I chauffeur them, cuz you KNOW mark is going to be sound asleep by the time homecoming is over. I'll have to order a corsage. I'm trying to decide if i'm going to be a nice mommy and pay for it, or make him do it, lol. I may just give him a bye this first t ime around, lol.

This is part of a super secret project that I knit for an upcoming book. You'll have to wait to see what it is, lol. Wanna see a little more?

Here's another part of it.
part 2 to my babies are growing up. we've been letting sean stay home for small amounts of time. he's been handling it well. this is a lead-up to next summer. he'll be almost 14. wow. tara had given me a pair of jeans that her hubbie wouldn't wear, and they fit liam like a glove. and i thought they'd be too big. sean is growing out of all his size 14 jeans. those had fit for a very long time, but i looked at him one day, and his jeans were high enough i could see his socks when he walked. growing up too fast.


June said...
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June said...

I think I goofed, is this Char?

June said...

I may have goofed, is this CHAR?