Saturday, September 01, 2007

i am sick

Today, while a blow for freedom of speech has been struck, a deeper, more heartfelt blow has been struck for prejudice, and inequality.

This happened today. Go read. I'll wait.

Back so quick? I don't blame you. While I do defend these people their right to speak as they wish, and the fact that they followed all the proper channels to demonstrate as they wished, the whole idea behind the gathering makes me ill. These people have said they want a "white america" as our forefathers wished. how do they know what our forefathers wished? Correct me if i'm wrong, but didn't George WAshington (scroll down a bit) have all his slaves freed at his death? And, as most of these slaves were born on american soil, according to our laws today, that would have made them citizens (even though life was much different then).

These people are so quick to disenfranchise anyone who does not look like them, act like them, or think like them. Their claim that this rally was strictly about illegal immigration is shallow at best, and put paid to as a lie with comments like the above about our forefathers.

And something else i'm sure they'd like to hide and stuff down? Who was here first? Anglo-saxon europeans? or native americans? if they really wanted to keep this country for those who "belong" here, then i think about 200 million people better start packing their crap.

What got me the worst, though? I was watching the video for this news article, and literally shuddered when i watched them do the nazi salute, and shout "seig heil." (forgive my spelling, i don't do german very well). they want america for white folk, and americans, and yet they give a german salute. what gives?

excuse me, i need to go wash my hands now. i feel filthy just typing about them, but i had to voice my outrage and disgust.


fillyjonk said...

I don't blame you for shuddering at the video; I would have too. But I guess we can take some comfort in that (at least at this point in time) these people are NOT powerful, and I think most Americans look at them and say, "Not me, you don't represent me."

My dad often says that one of the beauties of the freedom of speech is that the assholes (his word) stand up and identify themselves.

That, and I remember when the Nazis rallied in Ann Arbor when I lived there, more people (like, twice as many) showed up as a counter-protest.

Oh, and remember good ol' Voltaire: "I may disagree with what you say but I will defend to the death your right to say it." If we started limiting someone's right to speak (aside from inciting violence and such - and if these bozos called for violence, they should be locked in the slammer) because we didn't like what was being said....well, soon WE'D find someone wanting to stop us from, I don't know, defending women's right to vote or something, because they didn't like what we were saying.

Yeah, it's stupid and sick but sadly there's a lot of stupid and sick in this world. I figure all we can do is work for the good and hope to do a tiny bit of balancing (on a cosmic sense) of the stupid.

Maggie Ann said...

That IS scary!

Snarled Yarns said...

I SO hear you, they did this thing last year and it's their right.(amazing how I served to give people the right to tell me how I don't belong in this country?)
'Course just because you Can, doesn't mean you Should.