Sunday, January 13, 2008

kick me

i swear, some day i'm gonna put up my vacation pics! don't worry, you won't get them all, just the really good ones (there's one of sean that is almost artist quality, and i'm gonna get that one printed and put it up, it's that good).

you will note on the sidebar thingie, one of my favorite innerwebs t hings:

Knit Wars. because of this, there isn't a single day that i don't pick up SOMETHING and work on it. i'm trying really hard, as you can see. i'm in 2nd place, and i CAN'T CATCH THAT WOMAN! vacation killed me. i did log my points, but even with the 2 19-hour trips, i still didn't get as much done as normal. something about sleeping in there, so that i could take over for da hubbie when he got too tired. and, believe it or not, i get less done on the weekends than i do during the week. something about the kids and hubbie, and all that stuff.

i promise, a craft related post eventually, as well. and don't worry ladies, those of you who i have promised pressies (that PIF thing). i'm thinking about what to make you. Ina, i think i know what i'm going to make for you, and you'll love it! Stacey, can ya help a girl out? i'm running clueless at this point. Contestant #3? apparently, i've seemed to have deleted your email, and i can't remember who you were! ACK! leave me a comment, an email, a kick in the pants? Thanks!

and on that note, i must flee and fly, 530 comes awfully early!


Ina said...

Of course I'll love it - I know this sight unseen - because you made it for me!

Schedule5 said...

I'm pretty easy, really. We have serious power cuts in SA at the moment, so warm stuff for winter (June, July) would be a plus,... mmmm ...socks....mmmm.. Anything cute is a winner - I made a really sweet tiny armadillo for my daughter recently :). Basically, whatever you feel like doing, I'll be excited to get! It should probably be quite little though, to avoid expensive postage. I'm enjoying planning the stuff I get to make for the meme too.