Friday, January 25, 2008

there are days

i don't feel good. i hadn't planned on doing anything more strenuous than going to the post office to mail some packages, and buying stuff to make rice krispies, because i'm a good band parent.

steph's roommate just called, and asked if i could bring her some gas. and she's just outside of fort calhoun, so that's a 15 minute ride. if that's what's wrong with her car. she doesn't remember when she last changed the oil. damn.

this is the same girl who has randomly tossed my stuff around my house, because it's in her way. i'd say she's got some gall about her, except i'm not sure she's smart enough to realize it. sigh.

ETA: it was gas. i put $5 in, and after a few minutes, it did start. however, when i checked her oil, it was below minimum. so i chewed her out for not paying attention to it (an oil change at walmart is only $18, and even as much as she drives, it's 3 paychecks at $6 a paycheck to pay for the damned thing!), and told her to buy a quart of oil as soon as she got to civilization, and to borrow some money from my daughter and go get her oil changed tomorrow morning! damned kid. (apparently, the state patrol didn't think she'd pulled far enough over (even though she was past the white line) and gave her a warning ticket! good grief. about as sharp as a sack of wet mice, i swear!)


Sarabeth said...

As I walked home in a drizzling rain with a very heavy toddler on my back and a super slow motion walking 4 year old trailing behind me, I though the exact same thing. There are days when I just want to stay in bed and pretend nothing else exists.

Trixie said...

Who's the hero now? YOU ARE.

Too bad you didn't score any points except with us.

But I would welcome a friend's mother like you stepping in to help out if Dare is ever this clueless.