Sunday, January 13, 2008

ok, still not

a real post.

that's ok, i've been doing it again. somebody put up a link to a youtube video, and i've spent the last 2 hours listening to a hugely eclectic mix of stuff. right now? linkin park, in the end.

what got me started? dan fogelberg, auld lang syne.

does this cement the "god woman, you are totally insane" ideas?


i've listened to dan, then kansas, then sarah brightman, then celtic woman, then josh brogan, then christmas music (mary, d id you know, my all time favorite one), then seal, and now, LP.

my oh my

and since i've been extremely dilatory about this:

What I've been Reading

Drums of Autumn by Diana Gabaldon (book tape in house)
Satanic Verses by Salman Rushdie (what's the big deal? i'm over 100 pgs into this, and i still can't figure out why the ayatollah decided that this man needed to die in the worst way possible?)
The Reincarnationist by M.J. Rose. recommended by Crazy Aunt Purl. woman has taste, i'll tell ya that!
History of Hand Knitting by Richard Rutt (book tape in the car.) but wait, you say? it's not out yet? the joys of having someone near and dear who gets preview copies! wheeeee!

i've also started keeping a book list on google documents, cuz i end up reading the same stuff, and i wanna know what i've read. (also want to know how long it takes me, because if it take s along time? not gonna go for it again, fer sure!)


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