Wednesday, July 12, 2006

a $3 splitter later . . .

can you believe it! the only thing that was wrong was my cable splitter had gone bad! oy!

well, i WAS gonna show you the latest sp8 contest, by our darling yarn yenta, but my camera batteries are dead, dead, dead. i think i'm gonna have to buy a new set of rechargeables, though. they don't hold their charge very long any more. what's that, you say? enough about batteries? you wanna hear about the contest? ok, ok. here's the gist. you know we all store all kinds of odd stuff in our knitting bags, right? (unless you're totally anal (and for those who are anally impaired, i apologize (about your impairedness, did you really think i was gonna say sorry?!?!?!?))) (ooo, feel the parenthetical goodness! (i'm working on a heat overload and sleep deficit, ok?)) (and yes, my ac is fine, i'm just cheap). ANNNNNNNNNNYWAY, before i was so rudely & crudely interrupted by her (i'm schizophrenic (and so am i)), she asked us to dump our bags, and show them off in all their messy, kitschey, chatchkey (sp?)-loaded glory. and i got a doozy. so you'll just have to wait.

sean news: he's back to his regular hospital, they effected all the necessary repairs to get the kids back, and we met with a potential foster family tonight. they sound like they'd be a good match, as they do much of what we do at home, so there wouldn't be a large problem with transition when he comes home. and here's a good one for you: the father is a drug rep. and he has the same problems with some of the drugs that i have. will have to talk to the doc about that. i'm getting way too many confirmations about my suspicions on the drugs he's on. and they're having the same problem we've been having: contacting the caseworker. that's why he's been in the hospital so long, she was on vacation last week, and didn't put it in her voice mail, so no one knew. i gave them her supervisor's name, so they know who to go to if she drags her feet again.

and in other news, we've replaced my ring. we found the identical thing online, and snapped it up as soon as we saw it (except it's a half size bigger, my knuckles are starting to show some arthritic damage, and i don't want to have to get it cut off).

and a HUGE thankyou to chicken lips, my darling sp8 pal. i got a small "take care of yourself" package about a week ago, full of candy bars (die, diet, die!) and purse sized lotions, plus a tiny mug ornament and a heart shaped digital clock. i still have 4 candy bars left (it's warm enough in here, i'm gonna have to refrigerate them again!) and i'm having to beat liam off with a stick!

i'm contemplating another package for my pal, but am running out of inspiration. i think i'll need to consult the cards/crystal ball/palm/knots on my head and do some figgering.

i've missed you guys, so whoop it up in the comments. i wanna see a party in there!



Yvonne said...

Great to see you posting again! I'm pleased you were able to find a similar ring.

You've just reminded me that I need to get a move on and send my SP8 pal a gift!

Lynne said...

Doncha hate it when it is such a simple thing that is wrong?
GLad you have found a replacement ring :-)
I hope Sean's meds get worked out quickly.

Lia said...

You sound much more chipper, now. I'm glad that things are coming together for you!!

Put your candy bars in a Tampax box in the linen closet - it will probably not get too hot in there, and no little boy would look there :)

janine said...

Glad things are improving, and that you are back too!

Michelle said...

Good to have you back posting. You're sounding much stronger. I'm so happy you were able to find a similar replacement ring. Wishing Sean the best and hoping everything works out with straightening out his meds.

Amie said...

I think a knitting cruise sounds like a lovely honeymoon! And there will be men there (my husband, Erin's & Patricias at the very least, and maybe some more) so when you're in classes he will be amused by fellow testosterone. And it's a great price!