Wednesday, July 26, 2006

i'd post a pic

except i'm too frigging hot & lazy. i finally broke down & turned on the ac, so liam & i could sleep, but i'll have to check the sump in the morning. the frigging float sticks & then i end up with a flooded basement. mark promises that he'll replace it soon, but it won't be this weekend, fer sure. mark & gang will be going to get fitted for tuxes (the boys will have their final fitting the week of, if i have any say about it, they all grow like weeds, and liam is changing minute by minute!) saturday morning, mark has rehearsal saturday afternoon, and we're going to move a fridge, and take my wedding dress over to Mom's sunday morning, so we can start working on the alterations. sigh. i need to dig out my corset. ugh. i'll just have to remember not to belly breathe.


we have chairs rented.
i have invitations printed.
stamps are bought for said invitations & rsvp's.
i've got a good beginning on the rsvp's. i've had to hand stamp them, because the printer ink smears on the glossy cards. oy.
flowers are bought, some returned and others purchased, and sorted by type. i can't do a lot more, because i can't find the floral tape i bought, so i gotta go buy more.
cake is ordered, and flowers & other accessories are bought and given to mark to give to his coworker to give to his wife (god, i hope they make it!).

i need to work on addresses for my list.
we need a minister. oy. mark has been trying to get ahold of the unitarians for MONTHS (the main minister in town has had several family emergencies, poor guy) and the church secretary said she'd try to email him one more time. i do have 2 back ups. sean's foster father is a pentacostal minister. while i don't want to put him in any kind of ethical or legal quandary by asking him, i have asked if he can recommend any one. if all else fails, we call the court house and get a JOP. not what mark wanted (he wanted a christian wedding), but at this point, beggers will NOT be choosers.
i need to coordinate between erin & sherril for jackets for the wedding.
i need to work on jewelry to coordinate (i may just say wear what you want, just let me see it first).
i need a ringbearer's pillow (that will come with altering the dress, it has a train, and i'm cutting that thing off, and will use the excess fabric for the pillow).
which brings me to altering the dress (and test driving the corset, i was a bit smaller when i bought it, thank god it laces up).


he's having a rough week. i don't think he likes his new day care (they don't do near as much stuff as his old one did), and he's been in trouble every day this week. and yesterday, he had to try me on again. he got several consequences. i was verging on a migraine by the time i dropped him off with the foster mom. visitation did finally get authorized, so now the foster mom & i dont' have to coordinate with the foster care specialist to do what we need/want to do.

cross your fingers he behaves for the tux fitting saturday.

knitting? well, a little bit. i'm working on bags again. i dug out both the bags i had felted, and found the fabric for the lining and the findings for the handles. now i gotta get to cutting & sewing (ugh, this part i hate). and i cast on for a new one.

ok, i'm whipped. i'll catch y'all later.


Lynne said...

Fingers are crossed that a) Sean behaves and b) all this wedding prep goes well! We made our own invites too. I thought they were spiffing :-)

Trixie said...

Deep breaths. In and Out. It will all come together and you will be married and life will have a new tone to it. In 10 years you won't care a hoot who married you, if you had a ring bearer pillow, or anything else. Hugs! Hoping the best for the boys.

Marlene said...

When my daughter's wedding preparations got crazy I kept reminding her to keep things in perspective.....the MARRIAGE was more important than the wedding. No matter what happens with all the little details you're fretting over, in the end you will be married and that is what is important.

puck said...

my first visitor! yeah! i new i could count on you :>

puck said...

yeah the scrolling thing is weird and only happens in explorer.
it looks best in firefox...internet explorer sucks bigtime and you should go download firefox and see how pretty my new blog actually is :>