Monday, July 24, 2006

i made it, sort of

I finished the sweater! saturday night. sigh. i wasn't done by the time i needed to leave, so i wrapped the whole shooting match in pink tissue (thanks for that, rabbitch! (my stitch markers came wrapped in it (oh, didn't i tell you about those, i will))) (ok i'm at it with the parentheses again) and stuffed it in a pink gift bag, needles & all.

when i got there, i asked that she open it first thing. then i sat & worked on it during the shower. everybody thought it was cute. here it is up to friday night.

this was about 830 friday night. i screwed up & picked up the stitches for the hood on the wrong side, and discovered it 8 rows in, so had to frog it. i think i would have made it otherwise. i did get to the bind off for the hood, but had to scram at that point because mark & i had to go to fremont to look at wedding cakes. the wife of one of mark's coworkers does cakes, so we decided to go with her, thinking that we'd get a break. boy, howdy, did we! they decided to do the cake for us for material costs only, as a wedding present. my wedding cake is going to cost us. . . . now, sit down, ok, i don't want to be responsible for any head trauma. . . . $40. no, i'm not missing any 0's, or any important bits of my sanity (that i haven't already lost). you're reading it right. lovely wedding gift, i'd say!

Sean news:

he seems to be doing well at the foster family, although by thursday morning, he'd already earned a consequence. he had a hard time getting up, and just lay there, so she took his video games for the day. go, foster mom! he was a bit difficult for me thursday afternoon, but i'm sure alot of it was that he was gonna try mom on because he'd not had to "mind" me for a month. he found out the hard way, for sure.

unfortunately, we were unable to see him over the weekend because my(ahem) "caseworker" couldn't get her head out of you-know-where, and call the agency foster care specialist back, and get him the paperwork necessary to do so. well, she'd better get it in gear, because mark is taking everybody down to the tux shop next saturday!

wedding news:
i'm working on invitations. we're printing them up ourselves, using some pretty paper i got at office depot. i think it's a lot cheaper to do it this way, and will look just as nice. i'm all about saving money!

now i gotta scram, i gotta get to work!


Anonymous said...

What a cool sweater, I love how it is just knit all in one directions like that.

lori said...

glad to hear you're doing wedding stuff... you sound a bit more chipper these days. :) cute sweater, too. :)

Michelle said...

$40 for your wedding cake!! You lucky, lucky bride.

Glad to hear Sean and his foster family are adjusting well. Too bad you have such a bleepity-bleep for a caseworker.