Sunday, July 16, 2006

damn it's hot

you know it's hot when you buy ice cream bars and frozen fruit cups, and the 3 minute ride from the store to your house results in needing to eat the bar in a bowl, and your spoon sinks to the bottom of the fruit cup. i kid you not, i went to the store earlier at 5, and it was 106. that's just too fucking hot. as it is, right now at 830, with the sun having just gone behind the big hill to the west of me, it's 97. oy

dear anonymous, i'm not flashing my tattoo. if you wanna post your real identity, or send me an email, i'll think about it. there are certain "people" who read my blog that i'd rather not do that for.

for anybody else who wants to know what it is, pipe up. same conditions, though.

and now, for the pictures i promised you, of my knitting bag. i warn you, it's a bit frightening to realize i get THAT much stuff in one small canvas (well, it's not suitcase big) bag.

Ok, here's where it starts. this is my knitting bag. now, for a fair warning, this is also my work bag, that i tote my necessities in.

yeah, that's a lot of crap. the amazing part is i haul this stuff back & forth to work EVERY day. I thought you might like a little relief from the baggy madness, so here's mark's cat, joplin. she decided to be cute, so i had to take a picture. she doesnt do this very often, as she's relatively shy. she's also 11.

And here's the stuff in a slightly more organized way. ok, some is obvious, lol. however, that pile of paper in the lower lefthand corner, is pay stubs, time off sheets, and merit awards. work papers. in the lower right, stuff totally unrelated to work, but i think i made phone calls on it. i think. upper right is knitting related, with the two yellow blobs next to the gold box (my kit with stitch markers, needles, tape measure, etc) being yarn labels for the katia ingenua i've been using for cloud hats. middle of the pile is my hair brush, hair ties, and the fingerless mitts erin made me for christmas (it can get damned cold when the air conditioning actually works, and my hands are getting more & more sensitive to the cold). upper middle are my water bottle, lotions, vitamins, etc, with that black thing with the yellow end being the miniature extension cord we made since i can't lock my tv. the white end has a receptacle that will not allow a normal plug. the other end is at the end of my tv cord, and when liam doesn't have this little extension cord, he can't plug the tv in. sheer genius. thank you, honey. upper left is an avon catalog, and next to them are toys. i work in mail order, for a company that sells novelties, toys, and other stuff that you'd find in a dentist's treasure chest, or a kid's goodie bag. the green thing actually glows in the dark (liam had to show me). the little ziplocks in the middle hold cancelled stamps (i collect them for online angels, they can turn them into cash to buy bibles for missionaries), my white out pen, cough drops, and werther's original toffees (these keep me awake at work!) also, you will note some candy at the bottom, and i believe a half a bag of cornnuts as well.

i admit it, i'm a pack rat. things tend to get tossed in my bag, and forgotten until days/weeks/months later. sigh.

so, yarn yenta, ya happy? this is my entry!



Bill said...

Never mean to offend, sorry if you took it the wrong way. Just have a friend who does tattoos in Des Moines, and I was interested, is all. Your discretion as to showing off the tat is fine--I had only posted to your 'comments' because I too am a dragon nut, and checked out your blog on my first day along with a few others...hadn't created an account, yet, that's why the anonymous post.

vi said...


oh and send the cheese cake picture of the cat to thaddeaus P

damn that is alotta crap in that bag

ok it's me.......
the agent tanked me..... I guess he wasn't much of a fan of chickens


Heatherly said...

love the new yoga picture on your mary poppins bag!