Monday, August 13, 2007

attention omaha knitters

for those of you who use the omaha public library system, i have apparently made a palace coup. I had been wanting to read several of EZ's books, but can't aways afford to purchase them myself, and the library didn't have any. NONE. so, the last time i went to the library, i asked how i could request the library purchase certain books. she showed me how, and i did so.


The Opinionated Knitter

The Knitter's Almanac

Knitting Without Tears (ok, i own this one, but no library should be without a basic book on knitting like this!)

i'm thrilled to death! the funny part? on the request form, they say if a book's copyright is more than 2 years old, to look into interlibrary loan. i put all 3 in anyway ( the almanac is copyrighted 1995 for its latest edition), and they got FIVE copies of the almanac! oh happy day!