Saturday, August 25, 2007

happy birthday, liam

happy birthday bud! (i was going to load a video of him in marching band, but it was taking 20 minutes with no end in sight, so i gave up. i'm going to have to investigate this stuff further).

I know this picture isn't the greatest, but it's better than it was. that lovely child who is about 1/2 pace in front of everyone else? liam. he was back in line by the time they got past us.
and they sounded GOOD.
the big problem? parade was slated to start at 1030. it was a 6 block march. however, this pic was taken around 1140. wanna know why? someone dropped the ball. the police were supposed to show up to block the street, and escort the beginning of the parade. i haven't heard all the pertinent details, but either the parade organizers forgot, the police forgot, or the people who issued the permit so they could have the parade forgot. either way, liam was looking a wee bit droopy by the time this picture was taken. thank god they were wearing light grey t-shirts! (although many of the kids were wearing their other t-shirts underneath, poor sots). just when parents (particularly band parents) were getting upset enough to take matters into their own hands (i saw several SUV's pulling up to block side streets, and mark was about to go fetch the van to help), the police showed up. i even saw one mother pull her daughter out of the line up (not the band, this was some sort of dance troupe; the poor kid looked like she was going to cry), because she had somewhere else she had to be. apparently, from overheard conversation (she was getting pretty loud, lol) she was promised t his would be done by 11, and that the noon appointment she had with whatever would be just fine.
the funny part? where we were standing there were NO CHILDREN on our side of the street except sean. he got PELTED with candy (and one ingenious church who wrapped crayons in big-bubble bubble wrap!). he loved it.
Liam had a ball. when i picked him up from the school, though, he was soaked through (two t-shirts on the sweat machine? not good), thirsty, hot, tired, and dirty. i would like to know how a kid who sat nowhere but my car (and i can vouch for my seats) and the bus got dirt on his backside. oy.
He enjoyed his presents that he got today, which included 3 bionicle toys and 2 star wars transformers (slave one transforms into boba fett and advanced tie fighter transforms into darth vadar. how cool is t hat!). what he doesn't know is that i actually FOUND a copy of Star Wars Bounty Hunter for PS2, but because we were under a time crunch to meet his grandparents for dinner, i couldn't go get it. he knows i'm looking, but doens't know i've found it. i'll pick it up monday, and surprise him with it.
(someday i'll scan in a pic of my dad, and you'll see how much Liam is like him)

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Sandy said...

Oh, how I miss the band days! All I could think of in that picture was "DRESS THE LINE"
Have fun!
P.s. LOTS of trombones! Lucky band!