Sunday, August 05, 2007

randomness again

ok, now, i may be out of the loop, but isn't it odd that a medication for RLS (restless leg syndrome) has a warning that if you experience extreme urges to gamble or have sex, you need to contact your doctor? ummm, yeah. at this age, damned right i'm going to have sexual urges (oooo there goes my rating again! i said sex!). ummm, yeah.

go over to norma's. now. run, do not walk. go donate. the red scarf is on, and now they've got a scholarship fund. go.

and i've fallen off the fiber wagon. i ordered 2 bumps of ruby from lisa souza in superwash to spin up for my red scarf. they said to focus on quality, so i am.

i also ordered 1 1/2 POUNDS of handpainted fiber from deb. wheeeee!

all this because i sold ONE SKEIN of handspun over at eliza's site . feeling my oats, apparently.

i've been a bit dilatory about posting because i'm EXHAUSTED. liam's band camp was last week (july 30 - aug 3), and he was practicing for 3 1/2 hours in the morning and 3 hours in the evening for every morning, and 3 of the 5 evenings. and i've been driving him. that's 4 trips a day. and i thought i'd be driving LESS this summer. HAH! they cut thursday short because jazz on the green is next door at the joslyn museum (i can understand, but it doesn't make me any happier, since sean was at the library lock-in, and i was looking forward to staying longer at S&B, not shorter!), and friday night was the night to show off to the parents.

dude. this ain't my high school marching band, fer sure. the sound was wonderful. these kids play very well (if i could find a way to post the cd i got, i would!). and they have a kid who plays the fricking BAGPIPES! bagpipes, folks! the song? culloden. oh dear. and they don't just march onto the field and play, then march off. they were ALL OVER THE FIELD. and not just squares. diagonals! moving everywhere! and liam kept up! i'm so proud of that little shit. for those of you who don't know, liam has been playing trombone for ONE YEAR! one year. and he's keeping up with kids who have been playing since 5th grade. (gee, no proud mama here!).

and i am now a band mom. i volunteered to do drinks/snacks for away trips, and help with the bake sale table. big surprise there, lol. my one bit of irritation? mark was surprised when i told him i expected him to come to every home game that liam plays at. hello! this is our SON! i think i've straightened him out, though (i keep dragging him out of his hermit cave!)

the fiber of DOOOOOOOOOOOM is spun, & plied. i think deawn will like it. hear that, deawn? you better damned well like it!

so i started up on something else. beth (aka theknittingidiot on the L&V message board) came to visit miss vi, and since i'm the adminnie, she had little gifties for us. i got roving! i'm spinning it up now, and it's PURDY. nice job, beth! (i'd link her shop, but i don't know what it is, lol)

in other fibery news? (i almost typed that noose. freudian slip, anyone?). i've been working on a cottonease blanket to send to kenya, and blocks for a u.s. flag afghan that will go to balboa military hospital in san diego (each square is a state square (seen the state dishcloths that stephanie keeps getting? yeah, that pattern) and i did nebraska (duh!) and kansas). i need to wash them and toss them in the mail.

MS3 has seen a little action, but it's been kinda crazy hot here, and fuzzy alpaca yarn doesn't do well with sweaty fingers. however, i have finished chart A, and am well on my way in chart B (ok, ok, i'm on row 57. gimme a break, school's not back in yet)

16 days til school is back in! yes, i'm counting the days. liam gets to go on the 22nd because he's a freshman. happy butt dance here!

what i'm reading:
Dragonfly in Amber by Diana Gabaldon (booktape in the car)
The Kite Runner by Khaled Hoseini (booktape in. . . well, where-ever i can find something to play in the house. mark took the cd player downstairs in an effort to kick his music in the rear (he's much happier when he's singing/playing. and much grumpier when he isn't), and the dvd player is missing the remote(again, mark used it for music, and left the remote at the last place he had it), and it's high tech enough that it doesn't have an ON button), so i use my cd player, but i just ate the batteries in it, sigh)
Stone of Tears by Terry Goodkind
Unless by Carol Shields

now, i'm off, to try to finish piecing this damned blanket!


fillyjonk said...

Not to be all pedantic-y, but I'm guessing the RLS meds alter neurotransmitters - and affects some of the same ones (dopamine, I'm guessing) that control certain impulses.

One problem they've noticed with some Parkinson's patients who are on l-dopa (or whatever the next generation of meds for Parkinson's is), is that some of them become compulsive gamblers - apparently the same neurotransmitters involved in Parkinson's are the ones that control the impulse to gamble.

neurotransmitters are funny things.

Norma said...

I just find it slightly odd that you made such a natural segue between strange urges to have sex, and "run over to Norma's."