Wednesday, August 15, 2007

i guess this is required

i'm supposed to post 4 time a month for the SP11.

i need to post more often anyway, lol.

What's on my needles.

whew! i'm still working on my sockpalooooza socks. it's a test knit, so i can't really show you a pic, but they're coming out lovely. I have 2 problems. 1- my pal's feet are much bigger than mine. my duck feet are saving me as far as the width, but i'm having to get assistance on the length. the other problem? i'm making these out of trekking xxl, which is 100 grams. i have one sock finished, and it weighs 50 grams. yikes! the good thing is i've been working on these exclusively for a week, and i'm into the gussets on the second sock. i ought to have them done soon. A funny story: I was skeining yarn @ miss V's, and while i waited for skeins to finish (once i finished my other work), i would knit on my sock. i'd set my bag on the sofa next to the table the skeiner was on, and my sock on the table. her older dog, shunka, jumped off the sofa when she heard the other dogs bark, got the sock wrapped around her neck, and strung the yarn all the way from the studio to the stairs! we both yelled at her to stop, which she did (thank god!). i have now been dubbed Adminnie of the Iron Knitting. not a stitch dropped! and the yarn was ok, too. that part scared me!

I'm working on a test knit for shannon okey, that is very interesting. working things out as i go, but it's coming along.

how embarassing is this? i'm having to check my ravelry account to see what i've got on the needles! (btw, my name is dragonknitter (imagine that!))

i'm making a black newborn wool soaker to send to Father's House. it's actually quite interesting, and i may make a few for some pregnant people i know.

MS3 is not progressing (see above about the sockpaloooooza sock). However, i did finally get past chart A, and am now into Chart B. (yes, that's still clue #1! hush! as long as it's done by christmas, i'll be fine!)

the spring socks are technically on the needles, except i broke one of my sock needles, and it gave one up for the sockpalooooza socks. i just bought some aluminum size 1's and 0's last weekend, so if i so feel it, i'll cast them back on all the way (it's a short row toe to start, and i only use 2 needles for that). however, i found another pattern that uses the panda cotton i am using, and i just may drop this one, and change patterns. we'll see.

the bereavement booties have been on hold for months. i need to find the needles and the yarn, and finish the last one, and send them off (they were only due in May!)

the baby surplice jacket went into time out when i lost the magazine. i recently found it, but i need the green yarn for a project miss v wants me to take on (i volunteered, lol!), so it will sleep on a bit longer.

i have a pair of mittens in my bag, that have sat idle for quite a while (since the Ratdog concert on July 20!). i've got too many irons in the fire.

there's another project i'm doing for miss v, but hopefully she doesn't mind while i finish up a few things, lol.

SEVEN DAYS LEFT TIL SCHOOL STARTS! gee, think i'm ready for them to go back?

Liam will be a freshman this year, and while i'm looking forward to it, it is a bit frightening. i've been able to put off letting him take the learner's permit test by telling him i want to see his first quarter grades before i'll let him, but that will only work for so long. Gah! that lunatic, driving? Lord help me. I did tell mark he could teach the boys, as i had taught both girls. he's cool with that. we've agreed that liam needs to learn in mark's truck, first, since it's a stick. he's going to take liam down to work and let him drive around in the parking lot (when we get that far).

liam is in marching band as well. those 2 a day practices were wearing me out! (yeah, i know, it was hard for him, too, but he's young!). he still has practice every tuesday night, and when school starts, he will have zero hour marching band, which means he will need to be at school by 705, which means we're getting up at 545. ugh. however, he's enjoying it as much as i am (i never got to play in band. in my day, you had to purchase your own instrument, and my folks were farmers. now the school will provide one if you don't have one. i bought liam's trombone, cuz i have the money. that way, someone else could play). and i'm a band mom! we had fittings last weekend, and the pants they gave him were too short. because the uniforms are $700, they don't allow them to leave the school, so i was nice, and helped out the hemming moms by doing liam's pants myself. i would have stayed and done more, but sean was s upposed to be mowing, and i had to get back.

i'll get a pic of him in his uniform (and his XL head! he said he wanted to get his hair cut to help that, but it won't, lol)

sean is going to be in the 8th grade, and is actually looking forward to going back to school. he is in resource (because of his adhd and ODD), and misses his teacher. Unless she's gone to another school, or left the system, she will have him again this year (he loves that!). it doesn't hurt that she's pretty (she's also my age, and "gets" sean, which is more than what i can say for his 6th grade teacher).

i intend on helping with knitting club again (if they have it at the middle school. sean was the only 7th grader last year, and he'd rather play video games in the library), and i intend on finding out who the sponsor is for knitting club at the high school, and seeing if he/she wants help, or just let me come and schmoooze, lol.

What I'm Reading
Thirteen Moons by Charles Frazier (book tape in the house)
Sorcery & Cecelia, or The Enchanted Chocolate Pot by Patricia Wrede (this book is wonderful! it's england in edwardian times, only with a magical twist, with letters being written back & forth between two cousins who have come of age. priceless!)
The Shadow Rising by Robert Jordan (booktape in the car, maybe i'll finish it this time!)
Family Tree by Barbara Delinsky. technically, this is a book about a woman trying to find her roots after she bears a child with african american traits, even though she and her husband are both white. however, there's quite a bit of knitting in it (i didn't know this when i requested it, oh so long ago). i'm not very far into it, but it's definitely interesting!

and now, i must hie me to a bed. i gotta start going to bed earlier if we're going to be getting up that freaking early!


Anonymous said...

Minnie you have almost as many projects going as I do.
BTW congrats on the library coup-I am lusting for "The Opinionated Knitter" and there is not a copy in our library system. I probably will buy at some point but not in the budget now.

Maryellen said...

Boy that's a lot of projects. I've answered my five questions. Not so lame but good ones. i can't wait for school. happy dance happy dance. until next time...

TMK said...

Minnie: Not having to drive Liam to twice a day band practice would be reason enough to let him drive! I too was a band geek and my parents were thrilled when I could finally drive myself to school at 7 o'clock in the morning! ;-) TMK