Wednesday, November 07, 2007

i suppose

it's time for a real post, lol.

i did take halloween pics.

wanna see?

I gotta ask. does that look like a harry potter costume to you? his grandmother, upon seeing the picture, said "ok, i give. is he a professor?" sigh. note the wand in his right hand, and that smudge in the middle of his forehead? a scar. we had a wee bit of trouble (he touched it before it was dry, the stinker) getting that right, but everybody who saw him wednesday night knew who he was. sigh.

The pumpkin to the rear is my evil looking one. the one with the chunk out of it's face? Sean's. totall his design. waht you can't see? there's a skeletal hand crawling out of its mouth.

The guys with the yard decorations. mark had all this stuff in the basement behind the furnace, so we put it all up, and the boys had fun with the glow in the dark sidewalk chalk. they traced mark's boots on the stoop, and wrote "home of bigfoot," and liam wrote "yard is mined" at the end of the drive, right next to "come and play." gotta love my kids' warped sense of fun on halloween, lol.
i have pictures of the ships' socks, but apparently i haven't downloaded them yet. hmmmm. i have been knitting, too! honest! and spinning! and crocheting! i've started my mother's christmas present (i'm not showing it because i don't want to give myself away to my secret pal, lol, i got the pattern recommendation from her), and my MIL's. i'm also going to make liam a pair of socks.
why? i fell down and went boom at personal threads. joe (the pusher) had a special bag of sale koigu, and it has the same yardage as the claudia hand paint fingering, and i got a pair of socks that fit him out of 2 skeins, and it's a color he'll like, so i'm going to knit him socks for christmas. am i mad? maybe. but his feet have definitely slowed down in their growth, and he may have hit his max (i hope so, he's already a 10 1/2 wide, and may have to move up to an 11, soon. if so, he's got the biggest feet my family has had, barring his cousin who is a monster, anyway, lol) i also bought a skein of WAH purple lamb's pride, and a skein of white, because Central's school colors are purple and white, and liam wants a school hat. he actually wants 2, but i'm making him pick, lol. he wants the rasta hat from Men who Knit, and hewants an earflap hat. i may look up the jayne hat and see if he likes that, lol. i'm also going to make an earflap hat for sean from it, cuz sean will be attending high school there as well (at least we hope so!)
and i got some good news when i took sean for his med check last week. i had been told by the special ed supervisor that if sean had an actualy diagnosis for asbergers, he would get a different type of IEP which might help him more. both his regular teacher and i have done some research on it, and we both agree that he shows several of the symptoms. so, when i told the psychiatrist that the teacher thinks he has it, and i think so too, he said he could see some of the signs himself, and filled out the form for authorization to get him tested for it. whoopee! now let's hope they get it done before the end of the year, cuz i've got that damned deductible hovering over my head, and too damned many medical bills as it is!
what i'm reading:
Voyager by Diana Gabaldon (book tape in the car)
Crown of Swords by Robert Jordan (book tape in thehouse)
Nicolo Rising by Dorothy Dunnett (book in the bathroom. this book is actually speeding up, and getting interesting)
City of Shadows by Ariana Franklin.
i will say this. i need a break from the wheel of time series. the next book is not available in book tape form, and i think i'm gonna listen to something else, and finish these two books up first before i even attempt to take the path of daggers on. sigh.
ttfn, cuz i gotta haul teen butt to school!

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--Deb said...

I'm currently reading book 5 in the Niccolo series . . . these books are just fabulous!