Tuesday, November 13, 2007

tick tick tick

it's coming


Michelle said...

Gee, thanks.

While driving to the grocery store last night, I was surprised at how many people have already decorated the interior of their homes for Christmas. I'm seeing lights and trees set up in front windows. I like to stay in denial until the last minute. LOL

fillyjonk said...

Heh. My shopping is already DONE, thankyouverymuch. The coupling of a short "shopping vacation" in October plus happening to spot a couple of "that would be perfect for that person" things in catalogs...so I don't have to brave the crowds this year, thank goodness.

Nothing can sap my Christmas spirit faster than ugly, cranky, grabby crowds of people who are apparently shopping for relatives they can't stand.

Is it too early for me to post the link to the synchronized-light Christmas house?

I AM putting off doing my own decorating until after Thanksgiving this year, though. (I wonder if some of those early decorators are people who travel, and so the choice is either decorate early or don't decorate at all?)

Ina said...