Friday, November 16, 2007

mixed feelings

My son went with the pep band to the state finals for football, as his high school was playing. They won, which is fantastic.

I'm sure Liam will be incredibly hoarse, and unable to sleep when he gets home (lincoln is an hour a way, and i just watched them taking the drums out of the stadium 10 minutes ago). I'm thrilled to death for him.

I got to watch the game on the nebraska PBS station (they run all the championship games on tv, which i think is great). However, i saw something that was, to me, a bit disquieting.

They do a medal/trophy awards ceremony. For both teams. The opposing team, Millard North, were not playing with their regular quarterback. He hurt his knee in the last game, and was unable to finish. The quarterback they brought in? A 15 year old sophomore, who had never started a game. It's a hell of a thing to have your first starting game be the state finals. He played with heart, and fortitude, and considering the circumstances, did well.

The disquieting part was that they made all the boys on the Millard North team, as the runners up, go across a stage and receive a medal from their coaches. I sat here in tears watching boys who had literally played their hearts out, with stolid looks, or tears, on their faces, wishing they could be anywhere but there with the TV cameras in their faces. Frankly, i think they would have been happier to go to the locker room, and ride their busses home. The truly heartbreaking part? watching that sophomore quarterback cry on the regular quarterback's shoulder. you could just hear him saying "man, i blew it!" i will say t his for the older boy. he patted him on the shoulder, and gave him a hug.

this is why i find it disquieting. the tv cameras. this is probably one of the most traumatic things that ever happened to them. let them grieve in peace.

it's why i hate state funerals. the one that comes most to mind is when ronald reagan passed away. at the very end, when they placed the coffin in front of the library, and nancy finally laid her head down on the coffin and cried. i will watch all that goes on before, and as public figures, i expect to see some of the family, but i did not need to see that. let her grieve in peace. the cameras should have been turned off, or turned away, or something.

same with these boys. this was not dignifying. i can remember the heartbreak of watching my team lose a big game in high school. the tears on the boys' faces, as well as the fans. leave them alone, dammit.

ok, i'm off my soapbox now.

i'm off to fetch my raving maniac, lol!

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