Sunday, February 17, 2008

funny man!

we decided to have breakfast for supper tonight (since neither mark or i were motivated enough to get up and make breakfast this morning, lol). i was in the kitchen working on the eggs and pancakes (my brother and SIL gave me an extra large electric griddle, so now i can make FIVE decently sized pancakes all at the same time (i'm so excited, lol!)). I had just taken the bacon out of the oven, and had put the sausage back in to brown a bit. because i do bacon on waxed paper, sometimes it smokes a little bit, especially with the bacon/sausage grease tossed in. I had just pulled the sausage out when i heard a fire truck run by the house, blowing it's horn for all it was worth. (we live on a semi-busy street).

Mark yelled from the living room "They know you're cooking!"



valéria said...

Hi Minnie,
just remember and get him back if he doesn't see it comming *develish laugh* ;)

greets... :)

Maryellen said...

No bacon for mark. I never cook a big breakfast. I feed the girls pancakes waffles and such that are frozen. Plus leftovers make great breakfasts. Amanda had stuffed shells for breakfast three times last week. Jeff did the big breakfast on Saturday. Yum.

Judith said...

Hee-hee! Good one! (Did you slap him up 'side the head with a fat strip of bacon for his cheekiness?)

lori said...

*snicker*. ;)

I see you're taking over knit wars - my favourite is 'deleted webs email without opening.'

Ina said...

Seeing how I just had a cake batter fire [eyeroll], I'm in no position to say much.