Friday, February 22, 2008

i was asked

last night who shared my birthday. now, you have to understand, i probably have the world's worst birthday, beyond halloween or christmas. here's what i found. otto von bismarck? gordon jump? abraham maslow?!?!? interesting company, indeed!


Sarabeth said...

Lon Cheney and Anne McCaffrey aren't bad company, either.

mamaloo said...

Mine is tomorrow! :)

Michelle said...

You're an Aries! I'm surrounded by Aries people...and pets. My son is an Aries. My brother is an Aries. My best friend is an Aries. My dog is an is her name. My daughter was supposed to be an Aries and her due date was April 1st! But, she came two weeks early, so she's a Pisces.

Regardless of whether or not there are well-knowns that share your birthday, Aries are fantastic people on their own!! Now I know why you have the energy that you do!

Sorry for rambling. LOL

Ina said...

Interesting, indeed! How'd your parents and grandparents feel about announcing your debut?

Snarled Yarns said...

Some very good company, Maslow's hierarchy of needs is the base of all economic and phsycologic theory! Lon Chaney was the phantom in the phantom of the opera, Anette o tool is not only in Small ville but was a great actress in her own right.
Worry not, your right were your supposed to be!