Sunday, November 27, 2005

i'm back!

ok, ok, it's two days later! give a girl a break, it's been a hectic weekend.

remember that pot i showed you a while ago? it was this, ham & bean soup. mmmmmmmmmm, yummy. and yes, that was a shitload of soup. we had dinner that night, and then froze 5 gallons of soup for later. we don't fuck around, lol.

This little guy is the first of a series of critters i intend on making for AC4C, for the stocking project for Online Angels. i'll get y'all a website later. and yes, that is a pink elephant. his name is elefink. (something my boys said when they were little, lol)

This little cat is the second i've made. these things go very fast, i made him in one evening of sitting in front of my computer. i altered the ear pattern a bit, and i see i'll have to shrink them a bit. looks almost bat-eared, lol.

This pup is just a tad bit frightening looking, but he's so ugly somebody is bound to love him. i can't remember where these patterns came from, cuz erin printed them up for me, as my printer had been acting up. unfortunately, even though i got these for free, they are no longer so. the woman who created these decided to start charging for the whole set as of nov 1. poo.

Thanksgiving was insane. my brother and his wife got in at 1 am thursday morning, and put the country ham they brought to soak as soon as they walked in my mother's door. i finally got them to answer the phone at 10, when we discovered that the ham needed to cook for 5 hours. so much for my 2 o'clock plans. so dinner was moved to 3. shortly after they got here with the ham, mark called, and i found out that his dad had had some sort of attack (he'd had panic attacks a few years ago), and was going to the hospital. at that point, mark and i went into panic mode, because his mom was supposed to bring the dressing and 2 pies. sigh. so mark asked me run to the store and buy the makings for dressing, and i decided we needed to buy stuff for one more pie, since i was only making two, and my SIL was making a TRUE southern pecan pie (pecans soaked in jack daniels! and she brought too many, so there's a small bowlful fermenting in my frigdg. i may get soused yet!). mark couldn't leave his place, as he was babysitting 2 turkeys, one in the smoker, and one in the roaster. thank god for that man! he made the dressing, green bean casserole, scalloped corn, mashed potatoes, and both turkeys. his brother and SIL brought a relish tray and salad, and wouldn't you know it, mark's nieces had stopped by his parents' house, and picked up the dressing and the two pies, plus an apple crisp! also, my SIL picked up a chocolate meringue pie when they ran for extras. so i had 7 pies and apple crisp for dessert for 14 people. ugh. i still have 2 1/2 pies, and i had to toss the apple crisp.

and then. the ham wasn't done at 3. it was 4 before we ate, and steph ended up leaving before the ham was done. she is going to have some for lunch tomorrow, finally. mark and i were so exhausted by the end of the day, that he went home at 645, and crashed, and after everyone else left, i fell asleep on the sofa for an hour. of course, when i do that, i'm unable to go back to sleep, so i was up til 12. and i had to work friday. double ugh.

mark's dad is still in the hospital. he had another attack yesterday, and they've decided to do a heart cath on him, to see what is going on. we went to visit him today, and he looked very good, considering he had a heart monitor pack on, and an oxygen sensor on his finger, and an iv thing dangling from his hand. actually, i thought he looked pretty good. i haven't seen Mom since Dad went in the hospital, but every time i talk to her, she sounds so tired. this is really hard on her. and mark practically goes into a coma everytime he talks about it for more than a few minutes. i really do understand. but there's a major difference. the last time my dad went into the hospital, when i finally saw him, he was unable to speak, or move his right side. and he died 12 days later. yeah, it's been 4 1/2 years, but it still hurts. i miss my daddy.

and my brother acts like him. he looks like my mother, but acts like my dad. it was fun to see him and liam together. liam is almost as tall as him, and acts like him. and yes, my brother agrees, liam looks like his grandfather.

anyway, i gotta go to bed.

only one new book

Dune, Battle for Corrin by Brian Herbert (book cd in the house, yes i finally finished that blasted "heir!")

have a nice day!


TitaniumRose said...

Sounds like you had one hell of a holiday! I hope Mark's dad gets better soon, that's got to be incredibly hard on everyone. At least you've got plenty of pie to console yourself with. =)

Amie said...

Ack! What a holiday!

Yes, that is Neosporin Aslan is sitting up and begging for. We don't let him have it, but after my surgery I discovered I had a little junky on my hands. Turns out one of the main ingredients is olive oil, and he's a nut for olives and olive oil..... (I hear a lot of cats are)