Wednesday, November 23, 2005

thanksgiving eve

and all is totally insane.. the kids don't have school today (i don't remember EVER getting the day before thanksgiving off!), and my shower broke, and the house is a mess and i've got SIXTEEN people coming for dinner tomorrow. oy.

and yes knitting progresses, if slowly.

you might be a redneck if your barber wears rubber gloves.
. . .you've ever been fired from a construction job because of your appearance (ew?)
. . .people often mistake you for an elvis impersonator (is more than one impersonator elvii?)
. . . you call anyone who completes 8th grade "brains."
. . . your car won't start because of the ear wax buildup on the key (gag!)
. . .the local bloodmobile is an ice-cream truck on weekends (god this week makes me want to puke!)

Pattern of the Day
11-17: Scrap Yarn Afghan. sigh, non-pattern.
11-18: Safari Rock Star Scarf. another non-pattern, only this is two-stranded.
11-19/20/21: Saddle Shoulder Cable Pullover. this is cute, but it only comes in a child's medium. and since this runs over the weekend, this pattern was up for 3 days. why do they do that?
11/22: Shetlands Chevrons Scarf. this is in New Shale pattern. is this as opposed to Old Shale? hmmmm.

I gotta scram, kids still aren't dressed yet, and we're leaving in 10 minutes. sigh


Natalie said...

16 people? That's nothing.

Michelle said...

Good heavens woman, don't you ever just put your feet up and relax?

To answer your question about A Breath...just shut your mouth! [g]