Thursday, November 10, 2005

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cuz i can't think of one.

hmmm. where to start? ok, we'll start with the wedding. i've now got one bridesmaid and a matron of honor. steph knew she was in the wedding (i didn't have to ask, she just assumed, lol), and i asked erin to be my matron of honor tonight at knit night, and she said yes (more like squealed, gave me a hug, and practically screeched "OF COURSE!") (the woman is enthusiastic, what can i say). we discussed colors, and my idea of a dress, and the fact that she and steph are the same body type, so they will be able to wear the same dress and not look hugely different (nothing i hate worse than a dress designed for one body type forced on another. sigh). black silver and white, how yummy. i'm thinking something with a drape across the chest, and simple styling otherwise. if we can't find what i like, we're sewing! (yeah, right, I'M sewing (note to self, ask erin if she sews at all)).

i went to knit night (obviously) and had a ball! i actually got there before erin(which never happens) and decided to settle in and start in on my super secret xmas project with that delicious silk i bought earlier from Touche. i met a few newbies, and gave out a bootie pattern i got from AC4C ( i have it memorized, and this poor girl was struggling with the most obscene baby bootie patterns). Erin came in with a crocheted flying pig (i gotta check out (yeah right, like i need a hole in the head!)), and the start of a crocheted lemur, and, of all things, a knitted yoda. yes, the little green guy from star wars. we had WAY too much fun with that, and i actually broke out my yoda imitation, which had the whole place rolling. they all agree i do yoda way too well. and of course, erin's mind was in the gutter (is it ever out, hon?) so the lemur tail was waved about suggestively. sigh. i took a pic of erin wearing yoda's ears, with the head and body tucked into the scarf she was wearing. YOU BETTER POST THAT, WOMAN!

in fact, it was a night loaded with double entendres and phallic symbols. we all laughed way too hard. god, i'm with erin, i love that group!

work is cutting into my crafting, sigh. i've been in the mail room every day this week, and frankly, at this point, my hands ache. i suppose i should try to slow down a bit, but it's so hard to do so. i'm an over achiever (in case you didnt' notice), and even though mail is not vital to a raise (which i got one this year! wow, a whole quarter, i'm so underwhelmed. ) and i also want to break my record. i did 8 full bundles last friday (which is 160 pieces of mail). i only did 133 today. my hands hurt. oh well, slow down dingbat, or you're going to impede holiday crafting. sigh.

sean has been doing amazingly well since his med change last tuseday. last week we were pleased that he got 2 cards instead of just one for the week. this week, he's actually gone 3 for 3, and card today. this is fantastic. maybe having him at the parent teacher conference was a good thing, because mrs. H told him that if he didn't straighten out, there was no way he'd go to lewis & clark (liam attends there). so, today was magnifique! i love my little boy, and it pleases me so to hear he's having a good day.

you might be a redneck if you won a pair of knee-high moccasins (either that or a hippie, lol).
. . . you think people with grass in their yards are uppity.

Pattern of the day: Fuzzy Bear Sweater. this is cute. at first i thought it was a sweater for a bear, with a bear on it, but now i notice it's a baby sweater. very darling, except the picture is done in mint green. ew.

What i'm reading:
A Breath of Snow and Ashes (there's a major surprise awaiting you around pg 200, michelle) by Diana Gabaldon
The Heir by Johanna Lindsey (booktape in the house)(and i'm slightly disappointed, this isn't up to her usual humorous look at regency love)
The Wolves of Calla by STephen King
Otherland: The Sea of Silver Light by Tad Williams

no book tape in the car yet, i finished one off yesterday, and haven't gotten around to putting oen in the car yet.

have a nice day (and i promise pics tomorrow vi, honest)


TitaniumRose said...

erin + sewing = disaster

Sorry, but me and sewing machines just don't get along so well. I can sew stuff by hand, but I think that would be a bit ridiculous for a formal dress. =) Although I may just be dumb enough to try it. And of course I'm excited! It's a honor to be your matron of honor - duh! =)

I did post the ears picture, and a finished picture, and right now Yoda is on my desk. He's not exactly what I wanted, but for a prototype he ain't too shabby. The Force is strong with this one...

Lynne said...

Sounds like your wedding is going to be a blast! We had a fun wedding too, booking out half of a camp for people to sleep at (plenty of other accomodation as well).
I read cheaper than Therapy from end to end today. I am so glad that things are slowly working out for you cos it sounds like you went through hell!

Alcariel said...

carin + sewing = not too much of a disaster

If you decide to go the sewing route, I could help some. I don't have a serger or anything, so I couldn't do too much of the sewing if it involves satin or some other equally slippy/ravelly (is that word?) material. But I'd be happy to help with cutting, pinning, or anything else. I actually sewed most of my HP uniform, a whole set of Civil War era underwear (including a steel-boned corset) and I've got the bodice done on a Civil War dress. Let me know if you want me to pitch in.

vi said...

how did you know I was going to visit.....I DIDN"T know I was going to visit....
vi~waiting on bernie and a chimney

Jeri said...

Looks like you have a good baby bootie pattern going. Will you share your pattern? Or where can I find it?
Thanks in advance.