Sunday, November 06, 2005

i'm so boring

i've really got nothing to say, but i'll fake it, lol.

went to the baby shower this afternoon and had a LOVELY time. no, really, i did. i got there just in time for the games. these were actually kinda fun. the first was "guess the baby names of these animals." some of them i should have known, like llama. please, people, a cria. i did get fish when most people didn't. small fry indeed. the second game was "the price is right" and we had to guess the cost of baby items purchased from a local walmart. now, as the only woman there who was as far removed from babyhood without having grandchildren, you'd think i would stink at this game, but i was only off by 14 cents! good grief. even the mom-to-be (who was only off me by 3 cents) was impressed, lol. and do you know what my prize was? two journals and a pen. how funny.

now, for all of those of you wondering "did she get the blanket done in time?" the answer is no. i got stuck again, and i think it was my own fault. so i'm frogging once again, and rethinking how i'm doing this. i was going to do the heart motif 9 times, but now i'm thinking of checkerboarding it with seed stitch blocks. the hearts are driving me mad, lol. so, i did an emergency bootie call (teehee) this morning (despite a nauseating migraine) and whipped out a pair of stay-on booties in the same pink as the blanket. they were a bit big (this pattern wasmeant for dk), but i figured that what i can do is make more size appropriate things for when the wee one is born (like that sweater). i love babies. and it's nice to have one to knit for.

the funny part, is when Karen got to opening the gifts, i told her i had forgotten to put my name on mine. she looked at me, laughed, and said "i'll look for the knitted gift." she knows me too well, lol.

the med change for sean has been interesting. his behavior isn't any better, but he seems happier. that is a positive step. mark and i are working on getting him off as much medication as we can. he's got stuff to counteract the side effects of other stuff, and stuff to help him sleep, because he's on so much other stuff, etc, etc, ad nauseum. hopefully this new doctor will be in line with us on that one. i'd like to get him down to just adderal and risperdal. the rest is crazy making, i'll tell ya. the boy rattles when he walks, and i'm afraid to even give him an aspirin for a headache. sigh.

liam is being a big little ass. will NOT go to bed when he's told, and when i told him "you won't get up in the morning," his reply was "that's because i don't want to go to SCHOOL!" yup, gang, he's 13. and he's not so little any more. mark told me today that he can palm the archway between the living room and the dining room at his house, so i asked liam to show me. sure enough. now, this archway is high enough for mark to walk under without ducking (in the middle anyway, lol), and i can barely reach it with my fingertips, flatfooted. granted, i have extremely short arms (i measure 18" from my middle fingers to the back of my elbow), but still. ape child, indeed. he's gonna be a biggun, if he keeps this up. at this pace, he may be bigger than my little brother when he gets here!

and wedding plans march apace. mark is ahead of me in one respect, he's already asked his brother to be his best man, and liam and sean to be his groomsmen. we're going to ask O & Sue if luke can be our ring-bearer. i still dont' know what we're going to do about a flower-girl. i don't know any little girls! so far i've only asked steph to stand up with me (no, she is NOT going to be my maid of honor, let's get real). i've got 2 other people in mind, but i haven't asked them yet. i need to get to it, so we can go dress hunting for the ladies. i have to call to reserve the rose garden at memorial park (doesn't that sound lovely, erin?), and i'm going to call the hall and tell them september 16 is a go. mark and i both agree, we like this hall, it's close to home, and neither one of us has the energy to look further. now the fun stuff. i need to call mark's coworker (and my former coworker as well, lol) and find out what all she needs for planning for now. i may ask her to cater the rehearsal dinner as well (we've got the bloody hall from friday night to saturday night anyway, lol) and invitations, and flowers, and cake, and tuxes, and and and and, oh hell, i'm gonna make myself crazy! where's my wedding book?

You might be a redneck if your car's antitheft device is the way it looks (i've owned one or two like that, sigh)

What i'm reading:
Outlander by Diana Gabaldon (booktape in the house, i know i'm slow)
Dragonheart (booktape in the car)
Otherland: The SEa of Silver LIght (the last book int his series, and my goodness, this is a honker!)
The Wolves of Calla by Stephen King
A Breath of Snow and Ashes by Diana Gabaldon
Ghost Moon (i dont' recall the author, but i got this from PBS as aprize for guessing a 20 questions game!)

Have a nice day!


Guernseygal said...

You don't have to haveFlower girls - I know they are cute'n'all but when I got married my four bridesmaids were all over 14 ( tow of them were over 18 and they were all at least 6 inches taler than me! ( you can imagine the photos lol)

TitaniumRose said...

It does sound lovely. =) And you let me know what I can help with. I've done two of my own weddings, my sister's, and several other girl friends' bashes. The trick is all in the organization.