Friday, November 04, 2005

slacker blogger

i know, i know, i've been a slacker. i've just been too tired with the whole daylight savings crap. why can't they just leave well enough alone? i hate walking out of work with it being almost dark.

halloween was fun, even if sean didn't get to go trick or treating. he did behave well enough to get to hand out candy in costume, and mark was wearing his cloak as well. coolness indeed. i just ran around in ears and braids, lol.

and yes, vi, we missed you.

you might be a redneck if you 've ever swapped shirts with a scarecrow.
. . . you quit your job because deer season's fixin' to start.
. . . three generations of your family women are currently breast-feeding.
. . . people have grown weary of telling you that your pants are unzipped.
. . . you put "horns" on your new bride in your wedding pictures.

Pattern of the Day:
10/31: Punkin. this is a bond machine pattern, and i'm not sure i understand it to convert it to hand knitting. hmmm.

11/1-2:Three WArm Wool Mittens for Special Needs. I like this. it's a regular mitten, a flip top mitten, and a "trigger finger" mitten. these would be good for the res, or maybe the knitting train in january.

11/3: Child's Polo Pullover With Collar. This is very cute, but they did it in a variegated yarn, and looks dopey. this would be better in a tweed or solid, not a wild variegated like they did. ugh.

11/4: Dune: this runs all the way from a child's small to a men's xl. i like that. however it's in chenille. i don't like that, sigh. chenille is nice the first few wearings, but then it starts to worm, and be a general pain. sigh.

Have a nice day!


Michelle said...

I hear ya about daylight savings. Wipes me out everytime.

Glad you had a nice Halloween.

Alcariel said...

Daylight savings time has thrown me for a loop too. I'm beginning to feel my winter personality of a hermit vampire coming on because I never see the light of day with working my night shift. I go to work in the dark, I come home just as the sun is coming up and race into bed so I can sleep during the few precious daylight hours we have.

Christine said...

No problems with you sunshine...
SP Hostess Christine