Sunday, December 18, 2005


i know, i know, nobody wants to know there's 7 days til christmas. tough cookies, i'm as behind as everyone else, lol. i found out the LYS i got steph's yarn from isn't open til tuesday, andi ran out of yarn. meh. so, let's do this instead.

i still don't have my tree up. the living room is slowly getting cleaner (i'm a slacker, i've been kinda down since thanksgiving), but i don't know if we'll get it up tonight or not. stephanie (who is home early, damn her soul!) has threatened to put it up tomorrow, and i think i'm gonna let her.

anyway, on to interesting bits, since i can't show you my knitting.

you might be a redneck if you've ever been arrested for loitering.
. . . you move to another state so you can buy beer on Sundays. (or another city, lol, i've been there)

Patterns of the Day:
12/10-11:The Mini Best Hat. this is supposed to fit an 18" doll. makes me wonder if it would fit a preemie?
12/12: "Antique" Satin & Lace Ornament. this is very pretty, and according to the directions, you can either use a commercial satin ball, or use the edging for something else. hmm, interesting.
12/13: Rabbit Tracks. this is a variation on feather & fan (old shale). looks pretty as a scarf
12/14: Felted Christmas Stockings. these are cool, but i would most definitely use different colors, lol (i hate army green, lol)
12/15-16: Sitting Santa Shelf Doll. um. this is frightening. Stitchy, or punk knitter, i think this is a candidate for you!
12/17-18: Splash & Cotton Chenille Hat with Pom Pom. it's a santa hat. need i say more?

goodness, that mean's i'm caught up!

oh, and the baby blanket i'm making ahs been revised slightly. the baby was 9#12 oz, so the delicate little blanket i had in mind will be outgrown in weeks. so i'm adding at least one more section, and maybe 2, if my yarn holds out.

What i'm reading:
Dune: Battle for Corrin by Brian Herbert(booktape i'm listening to int he house)
Dragonfly in Amber By Diana Gabaldon(booktape i'm listening to in the car, and yes, i'm addicted to Diana Gabaldon)
and some award winning sci fi anthology (sorry, i don't wanna get up and look, you can wait til tomorrow, lol)

Have a happy holiday season


mamaloo said...

psst, just a quick heads up: I got it! I got the soap on Tuesday and the package of goodies yesterday (thursday) and I think I must have the BEST secret pal in the world.

Thank you!

I will give you specific comments in a post on my blog in a day or so. I've got knitting deadlines to make!

Lynne said...

Merry Christmas, Minnie, and i hope that 2006 brings all that you want it to! Hope Nebraska isn't too cold :-)

Marlene said...

Merry Christmas Minnie. I hope you and your family have a wonderful day.

vi said...

I noticed that someone ELSE who shall remain nameless hasn't posted in a while either......