Thursday, December 15, 2005


ok, i haven't died yet, just too tired at night to post. i shouldn't be posting now, lol, but meh.

you might be a redneck if you're using your kid's swing set as an engine hoist
. . . the air freshener in your truck smells better than your spouse (ouch!)
. . . your retirement plans include getting your own place.
. . .you've ever had a romantic encounter on a riding lawnmower.
more later, lol

1 comment:

mamaloo said...

OK, this is an adult rated comment, beware:

An old boyfriend had access to German porn. I think porn is very funny, so I was game for watching it.

The big scene involved a landscaper in tube socks with twin red stripes getting it on with a blonde woman on his riding lawnmower.

Dragon, due to your redneck remark, I'll be unable to get that image out of my head all day, and now you, too shall be plagued with it!