Thursday, December 08, 2005


i have splendiferous news! i was supposed to go to court today (they had it at 10 am, which they never have it that early, so i put in for off at 1, but it's ok, the Guardian Ad Litem told the judge i was working), and they've given custody of liam back to me!!!!! now, if we can get sean in gear, and get him back as well, we can tell the state (douglas county in general) to stick it where the sun don't shine! the funny part is my caseworker was AWOL as well. (actually, i had leave, lol). big surprise there.

would it surprise you if she was the caseworker for the boy who ended up killed last week here in omaha? here's the story. waht it doesn't say, is that this kid was in foster care, until he turned 18 (age of majority in nebraska is 19), and they turned him loose. he'd attempted suicide 3 weeks before this incident. ok, if this kid was still a minor in the eyes of nebraska law, WHO THE FUCK WAS HIS GUARDIAN? why didn't this kid get help when he needed it? ok, rant over. just the fact that this county is the same one who keeps trying to close my son's case, when he's not ready by a longshot, is just a sample of the abuse running in this county. remind me if i need any state help, to move.

for those of you who checked out the amazing christmas lights, look what's happened. people are nuts. i guess his 15 minutes of fame cost him.

You will never believe where i got this. they were having a book fair at work (they have them about once every 6 months or so, we get a 10% discount off they're already cheap prices), and i saw this laying there, for $11.99! bliss! yarn! weaving! something to play with!

and i got this there too! i was in shock! actual crafting i'm interested in! and not scrapbooking crap! (no offense to scrap bookers, i just can't get into putting itty bits of paper in photo albums. the farthest i'll get is maybe descriptions under each pic, but that's it)

there has been knitting, i just don't have pics i can post. the christmas project continues apace, but i ahve a bad feelign about it being done in time for postage by christmas. we'll see. the baby blanket progresseth slowly (so far i only work on it in the afternoon break while i'm talking ot mark), but no word re a baby, so i guess i'm ok for now.

and the really big news? Steph moved to Missouri yesterday. her friend is staying here for a few days til her new place is ready tomove into, so it's not quite empty down there, but it's not the brooding presence, and smart-assery that i'm used to (yes, vi, she comes by it honestly, lol).

she did call yesterday and ask if we could wait to move liam, since she hadn't finished packing yet, lol. she's coming back at christmas.

i'll save the rednecks and patterns for another day, i need to go to bed, i've been up too late too many days this week, and my brain is fried like an egg. i was cracking bad jokes at work today because i was so tired. such as "call me cream, cuz i'm whipped" and "call me eggs, cuz i'm beat". see what i mean?

Have a lovely, splendiferous holiday seasonal day! (and keep your tootsies warm!)


TitaniumRose said...

Glad to hear things are going well with the boys! We missed you last night. The girls have talked me into doing a needle felting demo next week. =) Hope you can make it!

Lynne said...

Great news - getting back custody on one!

vi said...

I was here the other day to post a comment and then we had a black out..
( I was so excited....... but the power came back on in about 2 hours)
so congradulations
and this is the start of a wonderful life for you...
hear the bell?
angels getting their wings?