Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Potter is NOT a rotter

i know, i know, i haven't posted in over a week. at least not here, lol. and i'm not telling you where until the last gift wings its way southeast.

however, and yes, i know, i'm late to the party, but the boys and i saw harry potter this morning/afternoon.


holy cow! i think that was the best scene in the whole movie! (gee, ya think, considering the name of this blog?) and the maze was truly frightening. really creepy the way the walls just merged with each other. i don't recall that from the book, but it definitely helps the content of the movie. and i do believe that neville is blossoming! in a rabbity bucktoothed kind of way, lol. and yes, i cried at the part where cedric's father is crying over his body. and ralph fiennes makes a fandamntastic voldemort! you can just see the evil roll off him!

i suppose my one complaint is that they didn't touch enough on the second trial. fleur was much more distraught in the book, and they all thought (and these thoughts were stated as such) that there would be no rescue if they didn't do it. go figger.

now, i suppose all of y'all want to know what i got for the big day. well, i got this and this and this and this. amazing, huh?

and stephanie, the little shit, got me this. i had asked her for it, and she said there was no way she could afford it. well, apparently, since it hit a major sale at target, she could afford it, lol.

and the two biggies? i got 2 gift certificates at my favorite LYS, string of purls. woot! that means i have $60 worth of GC to spend tomorrow night (if i'm not sick, sigh), and erin made me the tastiest crocheted dragon, as well as some nice fingerless mitts. the mitts are a tiny bit big, but work well over my stretchy gloves, so i'll wear them like that. and actually, i've worn them every day. thanks, erin!

i will post pics of my goodies later, i'm sick right now. i have a hideous sore throat, and my nose hasn't stopped running since i got up (no, i'm not going to catch it, vi), and i slept for 2 hours this afternoon (and i NEVER take long naps like that).

and as of right now 931 pm central time, nebraska and michigan are tied, 14-14 with 13 minutes left in the 3rd quarter

have a nice day (happy, now, vi?)


Alcariel said...

Damn girl! That's some haul! I've bookmarked a couple of those places and might have to expand my t-shirt collection this year. I'll try not to make us into twins.

TitaniumRose said...

Twins hell - we need to be triplets! Totally jealous of the shirts, I'd been eyeballing those myself. Can't wait to see what kind of goodies you add to your stash oh Priestess. ;)

And yes, the tattoo still hurts.

vi said...

nooooooooooooooooo not yet
you didn't mention if you liked the SOAP

Micky said...

I agree with all your comments on the movie. I just saw it Saturday myself. I kind of got upset that they didn't show more of the Quidditch match in the beginning. But by the time the movie rolled on from there, I forgot all about that. When the movie was over my face hurt so much cause I smiled the whole time. Except when Harry started crying over Cedric. Daniel has got Harry's character pegged! I liked the dragons but those little dragon figures were so cute! Not only has Neville bloomed, how's about those Weasley twins?? But, my heart belongs to Harry.