Friday, December 16, 2005


days left. are you ready? i'm not. sigh. still don't have the tree up (gonna shoot for this weekend). meanwhile another goody from ann to distract you from your goodly holiday endeavors (i don't say christmas, cuz i know lots of people who celebrate other things than christmas (check out rabbitch, she's celebrating xmass (not the same thing, lol))).

ok, do i get to drown younglings. sean was emptying the kitchen sink, and decided he needed to spray down the sinks. now, in any other child, this would be a good, kindly thought. however, sean has been banned from sink hand sprayers, and for good reason. my knitting bag was sitting in the kitchen, and a christmas present i'm working on got a good pre-blocking soak! too bad the damned thing wasn't done yet! sigh.

and liam is still annoyingly 13. at last count, i think he lied was wednesday night. gee, a record! and yes, they both have holiday homework (yes! their teachers rock! something for them to do during the holiday season!)

and, since i've been extremely remiss on my pattern a day calendar, here we go:
11/28-29: Baroo, an Irish Holiday Stocking. This is darling, except the foot on this is, well, a bit forshortend.
11/30: Slip Stitch Cable. this is not a true cable, but it sure looks good. a definite try for my simple cable-rimmed hats.
12/1: Snowflake Star. this is pretty, and even though it's predominantly stocking stitch, it's still lacy enough.
12/2: Baby Kid Mohair Shawl. this is a VERY simple lace pattern, but nice enough. the kicker is (once again) the yarn.
12/3-4: Santa Hat. this is actually one of those long ski hats you used to see ( i had one that was bright orange (my school colors, god help me!). it's cute!
12/5: Ruffled Mitts. These are cute, but i liked Mrs. Beaton from Knitty better. just my take.
12/6: Allison Kelsey's Scarf. this one dangerously approaches the non-pattern status, except for one simple thing. you knit a narrow strip, then when you bind off, you don't finish off the last stitch, and you pick up all along the edge, and knit it width wise to suit. interesting!
12/7-8: Santa Christmas Stocking. imagine that! it is a new graphic, for sure, and also has a space for a name. very cute.
12/9: Bottle Cover & Gift Bag. this is a bond knitting machine pattern, very simple. meh.

and i'll stop there for now, because my eyes are crossing from exhaustion. sigh

have a happy holiday season (i've been saying it so much at work it's become reflex!)

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Alcariel said...

Don't tell me that! I don't want to hear that there's only 9 days left (excuse me....8 days now)! Gah!

But on the good side, I've only got four rows and then the bind-off left on the soul-sucking shawl. I'll be sure to bring it Thursday.