Wednesday, October 18, 2006

a girl's gotta do

what a girl's gotta do. let's see if this works.
Woot! when the going gets tough, the tough use their scanners! i still don't know where my damned camera is, so mark got his scanner going a few days ago, so here i am, with a scanned pic of the square i did for deawn. we did a trade, but that's all i'm saying 'bout that for now.

the square is done, and will be washed & packed tomorrow, and flying via airmail to montreal on friday (i've got dental work scheduled for tomorrow morning, i'm not going to the post office, i'll be sleeping off my novacaine).

rabbitch's hat is well on it's way, as well. in fact, since i had the green variegated yarn out, i double-stranded that, and it's actually coming out kinda fun. ever seen ribbing in crochet? no? well, wait, and i'll scan that S.O.B. as well (but not now, it's kinda late, lol.

and it sounds like mark & his buddy are FINALLY going to fix my sump pump, so i can use the washer at MY house, and i'll be off like a herd of turtles, with all the felting i need to do (i tried to do it here, but because mark has floor drain issues in the basement, i used a pillow case, and well, i was NOT pleased. plus, mark smokes, and it makes it hard to make any of that stuff marketable if it's smells like a pub on a saturday night).

steph is working at my old job, and actually enjoying it, lol. she did say there are days when she feels like shooting herself, but that she's enjoying herself for the most part. now, if she does a really good job, she'll get hired on permanently. that's the sucky part. not knowing until mid-december if she has a permanent job or not. i went through it too. at least she'll be able to collect unemployment if they don't keep her (which i've been trying to give her all the hints i can think of to help her be aces, so cross your fingers, legs, toes, needles, whathaveyou, and give this kid good juju. she's been trying, for sure).

sean has been doing better. he made his 8 assignment goal today! woot! he is in the bd room (special ed) so he doesn't rotate classes, but the work is brought to his room, and he's supposed to get 8 assignments finished per day. now, this doesn't usually happen, because sean has severe focus issues. (what i don't understand, is if 3 of his "regular" classes would be vocal music, pe, and lifetime sports, where's he getting the other 3 assignments?). so here's hoping.

liam's football team won the city championship for his division (heavyweight). they shut out the last 3 teams they played, and even the first game, where they lost, the score was 12-6. they even shut out #1! woot! granted, liam didn't get to play alot, but still, he was so thrilled, you can't get too down about his lack of playing time. liam's biggest problem right now is that he's growing so fast, that he's awkward & clumsy. he can still run like the wind, but those arms & legs flail & churn, lol. i would like to see him go out for track or soccer, this spring.

and our one month anniversary was monday. we celebrated with crab legs, cheddar bacon mashed potatoes, and candied carrots. i was STUFFED. but it was worth it.


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Michelle said...

Great news about Steph, Sean and Liam!! I'm sure Steph will get hired on permanently, but I'm sending her all my good juju!

I love your description of Liam. When I see kids going through that awkward stage, I think of Great Dane puppies...all legs! LOL