Thursday, October 12, 2006

somebody help me please!

sean threw up at school, and we think he forced it, but i have him because his foster dad is having transportation issues (he loaned his car to his son, and his son is not answering his phone, lol). he's tortured the one cat into hiding behind the sofa, and the other one runs when he sees him. right now sean is eating soup (that's what you give a sick kid, right?), singing "45" by shine down (oh yeah, he' s really sick), and hollering cuz he thinks his soup is too hot (ev en though he's eaten it all!).

scratch that. the foster dad's sister just showed up to pick him up, and it's a lady i used to work iwth, lol!


now, down to business.

i've made a few promises.

1) i promised deawn i would crochet a 10" square for her homies blanket drive. it's due oct 30, and since it's going to canada, i have to get on it, so i can mail it by the 20th.

2) Janice is collecting hats for vancouver, so i volunteered to knit/crochet one for her, too. it's not due til dec 1, so there's a little breathing room

3) i'm working on a super secret project (you'll find out soon enough, lol), and i'm waiting for things to come in, at this point (and i came up with this myself, lol)

4) go see ryan. she's still a booger head, and she's still looking for sign ups for Dulaan. go on, ya wanna. i'm technically signed up for 5 (that's how many she wants each of us to do), but i'm going to go for one more than last year, and do 10.

so i'm going to be a tad bit busy. clapotis is doing well, and i've dropped a few stitches already. i'm doing a mini clap, as i don't have enough yarn, so, like deb it's going to be a wide scarf. and i've discovered something interesting. i just CAN'T let the dropped stitches be. i have to undo them all!

the vanilla socks are progressing quite nicely, and i'm almost to the toe. maybe i'll finish the buggers tonight at s&k. and i started the carnival yarn again. i'm doing a short-row toe up for right now. we'll see how it works.

ok, the pear butter is calling me (it took 4 days to finally get the stuff cooked down!), so i'll be sending it soon, Norma!

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Trixie said...

Hummmm. Throwing up to get attention? At least we can safely say that he wasn't having "body image" issues!

I am glad he ate some soup. I am sure he was starving! Growing boys need their food.

You always approach these situations with such a sense of humor. I admire that! Now tell me more about the pear butter, please.