Thursday, October 05, 2006

a public service annoucement

for all you readers who have dogs.

apparently, there's a artificial sweetener called xylitol that has become very popular. it's poisonous for dogs. please, be careful of what you feed your dog. and according to the statistics i saw on the news this morning (no link, they don't have it up on the website!), the poisonings are on the rise. 70 in 2004, 170 in 2005, and as of august 114.

EDIT: the tv station finally put up a link, so go see it

i don't own a dog, but i have.

carry on!


fillyjonk said...

Xylitol - while it's not poisonous to humans - can cause unpleasant side effects in some.
xylitol, malitol, sorbitol - all are called "sugar alcohols" and some people find they cause bloating, cramping and, uh...other gastrointestinal unpleasantness.

ask me how I know this. I read labels super carefully now, because even some things where the main sweetener is sugar add sorbitol for some the Kellogg's frosted wheat squares.

actually, I react badly to all the common artificial sweeteners..aspartame gives me migraines, splenda gives me stomach cramps. It's frustrating because a great many of my friends WILL NOT use sugar, and I hate being put in the position of having to either ask for a detailed ingredient list or refuse food at their houses.

AR said...

We've been trying to cut down on sugar at our house. I'll have to check out the labels. Our dog isn't supposed to have people food, but some people here don't listen! They will if I tell them this. Thanks for the heads up.