Friday, October 27, 2006

it's a picture!

here's janice's hat:
well, imagine janice's hat. oy! stupid blogger is acting up AGAIN! if it weren't for the fact that i'm such a cheapskate, i'd go to typepad, or some such. this is ridiculous.

anyway, janice's hat is done, washed, and in the van. it's in the van because i have been noticing that if anything that i make lingers in the house for more than a few minutes after i pull it out of the dryer, it starts to smell like smoke. however, when i pulled some squares out of the dryer this morning, they didn't smell. since mark is at work, i rushed them out to the van (along with the hat), and will check them later to see if they smell. if this works, then i'll just keep a box in the van for charity stuff, so it doesn't smell. mark doesn't smoke in the van (when he's in it, he doesn't ride with me much, lol), so we should be ok.

thanks to all the ladies (and bill) who tried to help me with the smoke issue at S&B last night.

speaking of S&B, i had a blast last night. we had to have an alternative site because tara was in a wedding. i don't think i've laughed so hard in a long time. and bizarre conversations? needless to say, having an ER doctor is very entertaining.

chacha is going ok, but since it's a beta, they're still working out the bugs. no training right now. let's hope it kicks in soon, i need to start making money, lol.

catch y'all on the flip side!!

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Michelle said...

I switched over to Wordpress and it's free! And you can bring over your blogger archives (although I can't seem to get the pics to come). I got very tired of Blogger, too... Just a suggestion!