Monday, October 30, 2006


racklefrats! blast blogger and it's "enter" policy!

ok, there's a warning to this post. if you're squeamish, or oogey, read old posts. this is kinda gross.

ok, have all the weenies left? good. here we go.

now, before you think we're all neglectful, nasty people, there is a caveat to this whole story. sean is a known "boy who cried wolf," particularly when it comes to medical stuff. so we weren't neglecting his health, just not very believing, considering the circumstances.

here we go.

4 weeks ago, Sean stepped on a needle, and it broke. his foster family thought they'd found all the pieces, and since it didn't swell up and get icky, we figured it was just a puncture wound, and soaked it, and treated it accordingly.

well, about a week and a half ago, it started bruising, which we assumed was because sean would NOT leave it alone. the boy can't leave anything like that alone. he's fascinated by all of it. however, by last tuesday, it was black. gross. (if you haven't left yet, you better now) so i made an appointment for friday. they x-rayed it, and discovered the needle was still in his foot. needless to say, everybody involved apologized to him for not believing him, but reiterated that we hadn't because of his "cry wolf" tendencies.

the PA cleaned it up a bit, then recommended that we see an orthopaedic surgeon, since they were afraid to try to extract the needle themselves. so, he went home, and we went to the surgeon's this morning. the doctor popped the old scab off, because he wanted to check on the wound, and they took new x-rays. well, apparently, between the PA poking around on it friday, and the surgeon poking around on it this morning, caused it to rear its ugly head to the point that sean could see the needle. he told everybody so, and proved it by pulling the needle out HIMSELF!

they did a second set of x-rays to double check, but the little stinker got it all out by himself! so they cleaned the wound out (there was a small bit of ulceration, because it had been 4 weeks), wrapped his foot up, and sent him home. the original plan was to have surgery wednesday (i asked if we could put it off one more day, because of halloween tomorrow, and he was on antibiotics, and the doctor was fine with that, as long as nothing got worse), but with this, dr sean stepped up to the plate, lol.

while the doctor was cleaning the wound some more, they started talking about doctor stuff, and sean told him that he wants to be psychiatrist some day. the doctor was VERY impressed with the level of intelligence and knowledge sean had. he was amazed that sean was only 12. that's my boy, for ya.

now, for the reason why it didn't get nasty immediately? sean had had an ear infection, and had started antibiotics 2 days before he stepped on the needle. so, the body just used the antibiotics for his foot as well as his ear. when they finally wore off, the foot said "hey, this crap is still in here" and started getting infected again. when the needle started trying to work its way out again, it caused another infection. go figger.

so, sean is due to go back to the doctor on friday, and has to wear a special shoe (which he hates, lol), but the doctor ok'ed him to go trick or treating tomorrow, so he's definitely happy with that.

isn't it amazing what kids will do?

ok, grossness over. i'll post some knitting stuff later.


Marlene said...

I had something similar happen when I was about his age. I stepped on broken glass (that one of my brother's didn't clean up properly) and got a piece lodged in my heal. No one believed me that there was still a piece in there and so I limped about all summer. Finally a couple of months later my mom asked me why I was limping. I showed her the big puss filled sac (now who's gross?) on my heel and was whisked off to the doctor. He had to cut away the huge patch of dead skin and infection (almost the size of the entire heel).

I hadn't pressed the issue because Mom had a way of making a kid feel like a "baby" for complaining.

AR said...

Kids! haha, Glad he's ok, and you, too marlene.

Snarled Yarns said...

Atta Boy Sean! Ya gotta love it when kids do things like that themselves. They are so proud and we parents should be too!

Trixie said...

My brother named aptly SEAN would have done the same thing. As he has gotten older, he has sewn up his own wounds, given himself IVs, and eventually married a doctor. Still....*insert eye roll*...when he offers to come over and take care of that little problem you've been experiencing, well, one never knows if he is serious or not.