Tuesday, October 31, 2006

pictures, please?

dammit! enter got me again!

woohoo, we have pictures! here's the hat i made for janice. i'll probably put it in the mail today. (maybe, i'm not promising anything). so let's go for picture #2!
witness the vanilla sock of doom! yeah, i know. very plain & boring. doom comes in many colors. i kknow, i still haven't done the toe. christmas is a long time away, lol.

i started a hat for dulaan (today's the last day for signups to get a yarn prize from ryan!) with the stuff carin gave me for the bridal shower. suffice it to say, i don't care to spin wenslydale. it almost acts felted! the colors are interesting though. i'm doing an earflap hat (my own wacked out pattern, lol). my biggest problem is my needles are just short enough taht i have to watch that stitches don't fall off the end, lol.

go eat candy, will ya!


AR said...

I like the colors in that hat. Nice! No candy for me :( I'm on a diet. Yuck!

~drew emborsky~ said...

okay, just call me a dork if ya want, but doesn't that sock of doom have two heels???

The Surprised Carrot said...

...personally, I'm unsurprised that the sock of doom is plain vanilla...it just makes sense, for some reason. ;)

Though, come to think of it, any time-consuming knitting project I'm working on in plain solid colors with no fun fussy stitches always comes to be called "of doom". :)

Heatherly said...

you are tattling on me to lime? why? what did i do?

puck said...

i love the greens in the hat. i, too, am confused by the sock of doom. i sure looks like it has two heels (very lovely, well-turned heels, mind you). please advise :>
i should actually be able to make it to knitting this week (yeah!) see ya then

Marlene said...

If the Wenslydale is dyed it very well COULD be felted. Sometimes that happens in the dyeing process.

Nancy G said...

I'm surprised you had problems with the Wensleydale; that's my favorite fleece to spin (in my thusfar very limited spinning experience). Perhaps Marlene is correct about it felting in the dyeing process.