Tuesday, November 07, 2006

flapping away madly

here's my ear flap hat:

well, i think it's my hat. blogger is showing me a black square. Edit: i figured it out, no more black square! what do you think? this is made with the wensleydale that carin gave me at my bridal shower (i still think that so rocks to have it at a LYS!). i spun it up, and then knit this. lemme know what you think (if it ever appears!) i've been making 12" squares for AC4C, for the november project, which is the Pine Ridge Reservation. i'm not sure where the blankets are going, but i'm sure it's a good place, lol.

now to the exciting stuff! remember the story about sean and the needle? it gets better. halloween night, sean's character needed red hair, so i bought red hair spray. by the time we were done trick-or-treating, sean's head had started to itch. so when i took him back to his foster dad's, sean washed his hair twice. his face was red, but i figured it was from bending over, and it had been very cold that night (28F by the time i got him there).

however, this was not the case. just as i was getting to school wednesday for sean's IEP (individual education plan, since he's in resource), his foster dad called and asked me if i was close to sean's day care, because sean had been sent home because he was covered in hives. unfortunately, i wasn't, but we did get him some benedryl, and that helped. everybody thought it was the make up, because of when it hit him, until i was sitting in the car, waiting for school to get out, and realized that sean was on antibiotics, and the same ones he'd been on before. i called the doctor, and they said to take him off the one he was on now, and they'd call in a different one.

i didn't see sean until the next day, when i picked him up from daycare. the benedryl had made him woozy enough that he lost his balance, and fell, and smashed his glasses. he had also forgotten his benedryl at home, and was breaking out again. so we had to get him some over the counter benedryl, because the foster dad couldn't get back home, and no one else was there. he ended up sleeping most of the afternoon and evening, which i don't mind, because if he was sleeping, he wasn't scratching, lol. his rash has now cleared completely, and his foot is doing well. the doctor chewed on him a bit for losing his shoe, but gave him another one, and said to bring him back in a week. whew. maybe this will help sean with his "boy who cried wolf" problem.

now if only we could get liam to cooperate. sigh


--Deb said...

Poor Sean!

lori said...

good grief! you and your guys sure know how to keep everyone hopping.

love the hat. :)