Wednesday, November 08, 2006

this is for deb

deb is having a contest. she claims that all the calendars she had as a kid had gloomy pics for november, and that sucks. so everybody is supposed to post pics of their pictures for november. since my camera has gone awol, i'm doing scans, although they were much bigger than my scanner bed :(.

still, they're funny.

here's calendar #1:
the subtitle is how to survive waiting in line at the movies. mark is my biggest kid, and loves spongebob. i got him this calendar for christmas last year.

here is calendar # 2:
and this picture is correct. the giraffe is upside down. this calendar came from mutual of omaha, and all the animal pictures are just as good.

not your ordinary november calendar pictures, eh?

i'll be demo-ing my spinning at the school today, to the knit club. apparently, the sponsor is absolutely fascinated by spinning, and wants me to bring my wheel, lol. i haven't quite decided what i'm going to spin, since i finished the first L&V roving bump, and it's yummy. i promise i'll bring it thursday, girls! i could continue with the roving that erin gave me while ago (i can't find the post, lol). or i could break out the new stuff i got from mama c*eye*berfibers (go see amie, she's got the goods on it), or the silk/merino that i got as a wedding gift last year, or...... hmm. i'll have to think, lol.

and then there's this:

i'm a chacha guide. it's a new search engine that uses live guides. you put your search string in, and you can choose with or without a guide. a guide will interact with you, and give you specific results. a great example is a search i did yesterday. someone put in ziggarut. however, there are several different meanings for this (most of them are brand names, lol). i asked some questions, got the scoop, and gave that person exactly what they were looking for. the website is go check it out!

and that's the end of my commercial, lol.

more later


--Deb said...

Thanks for the calendars . .. and, wow, that giraffe picture is COOL!

Anonymous said...

Minnie, I emailed a photo for you to post for this calendar. Hope you got it!