Friday, November 10, 2006

what the heck

this is breakfast this morning:
i'm tired of the normal every day stuff, and isn't popcorn good for you? that, and a glass of milk, and my usual handful of supplements, and i'm off like a herd of turtles!

now, i know this is a knitting blog. so i suppose you want to see knitting. ok, here ya go:
i actually thought this hat was kinda ugly, but warm. however, i've had other opinions. the kicker: i started this hat about 2 yesterday afternoon, and finished it at sit & knit last night. it's two strands of patons symphony for the cabled brim, and the main body of the hat is some yarn i got in a swap over a year ago. i got it because it was over 75% wool, which is a requirement for A4A. however, this is going to dulaan. and it fits me tightly, so it ought to fit a 8 or 9 year old well.

and the piece d'resistance (i know i'm not spelling that right):
the limenviolet superwash from Lisa Souza (if i need to link it, you need to crawl out from under the rock first!) this is 160 yards of navajo-plied tastiness (i can hear miss vi drooling now, no licking, woman!). now, to tell y'all my devotion to showing this yarn in all it's yumminess. i finished spinning this tuesday, and washed it and hung it under tension to dry. wednesday night, i pulled it off the shower rod, and immediately dropped it. you can gasp now. yes, it tangled. so i took it home, and started to untangle it. both ends are the dark purple. imagine, 9 o'clock at night, and me hunting for dark ends. it took me half an hour to FIND an end. i wound part of it into center pull balls (i did eventually find the other end), then gave up and went to bed. i spent probably a half an hour at the car dealership untangling it (i had to get the oil changed) and then went to village inn and spent another 10 minutes untangling it. finally, i wound it all into one center pull ball. when i got to my place, i got out my niddy noddy, and wound it on, and put it into a skein. just so y'all could drool appropriately.

i'll get the mop now.


Snarled Yarns said...

Does that look like the yarn to beat your self with or what? LOL

lori said...


i have had tangles too... sigh. there are some hanging around that never made it to the untangled state, it is just one of those neurotic things that i can't just do 'whenever'.

you sound like an Olympic untangler. :)

puck said...

love the yarn! sorry i m issed you guys last night. now is crunch time with the boards in a few days (not that it matters at this point) but i should make it out this thurs...i think i am going to sop though, i haven't been there in over a month or so.

Michelle said...

Arg! Tangles! Glad it worked out because seeing handspun like yours makes me want my wheel NOW! LOL Sooo yummy!

puck said...

it is over! yeah! i don't get the results for a while, anywhere from 30-90 days. ohhh, i hope is is right before christmas! (ugh)

AR said...

Darn tangles! It is super gorgeous, though!