Monday, November 27, 2006

this is too cool!

i got this in the mail the other day:
well, apparently, this is as big as this is gonna get. if you can't read it (and i can only because i know what it says) it says greetings from mongolia. i think this was mailed in the us, though, because it only has a us stamp, and no international markings. it is still cool though. there's a short blurb by F.I.R.E. about handing things out stuff, and thanking me once again for my contribution. i suppose my question at this time is this:

did the person who sent this to me do it on her own dime, or did F.I.R.E. pay for it? while i appreciate the card, i'd much rather they spent their money on materials to send to Mongolia. i'm odd that way, lol.

i've gotten a lot done this weekend, crafting-wise. i made a pair of leg warmers, and a matching hat, to be sent to the Pine Ridge Reservation, as a part of this month's AC4C project. i also finished another square. the other thing i did craft-wise, which actually upsets me a bit, is that i wound off the halloween yarn that ms. vi gave me as a bridal shower givt. somehow, parts of it got cut. and it's sock yarn, so there's not gonna be any spit splicing. i have approximately 6 little balls sitting here, looking sad at me. i don't know if i'll still try to knit socks with it, and use russian join, or if i'll do something else with it. any ideas, gang?

on other fronts, i have a sinus infection. this is becoming an annual headache (literally!) i have had some sort of headache since last monday, and, well, need i go into the details of a sinus infection? it's nasty. fortunately, i've got a doctor's appointment this afternoon, so i'll be medicated shortly. also, because of the headache, i have not been sleeping well. blech.

sean was fantastic over thanksgiving. absolutely no trouble. same on saturday, he was very very good. however, it seems he's clashing with the fosterdad's fiancee. it's turning into a 6th grade teacher thing. in 6th grade, his teacher did not like him, and was very poor about not showing it. sean picked up on that, and it became a battle all year long. this seems to be what has happened here. when i picked him up saturday, he immediately grabbed his coat (the fosterdad was at work) and his book, muttered "let's go" and went outside. i asked her if anything was wrong, and she said no. when i asked sean, he also said no. however, when i dropped him off that night (after a very good day, including meeting tonya at wild oats, to look at two yummy fleeces (i got the grey one, i'll show it to you when i get it, she's gonna wash it first)), she told me that she had told him that she would respect him when he respected her. while i can't point fingers, i feel this is the wrong attitude to have with sean. she has revealed her buttons to him, and he's pushing them. prime example. apparently she had made chicken and stuffing last weekend, and he said it was good, but not as good as mine. his fosterdad thought it was kinda funny, but she took it badly. sean does not have a great deal of tact. we are working on that, but since he's still emotionally much younger than his actual age. how many 7 or 8 year olds do you know that have tact? oh well, it's still looking good for him to come home soon. maybe at the end of the semester in january!

liam spent the weekend doing homework. will that boy never learn?

we got a dumpster on friday morning, so the weekend ended up being a toss-fest. we cleaned out the garage, and found 2 possums in a nest, behind some boards that mark had not moved for at least a year. i had told him i had seen possums going in and out, but we did not know they were living in there, lol. we called animal control, and they told us to just wiat for dusk, and they'd leave, and then block the garage door well, and take out the nest. the danged thing filled 2 kitchen garbage bags! so far, so good. no possums. we also cleaned out the spare bedroom, and tossed some carpet mark had had in that rooms closet. we can actually move around in there now! the basement is next. since i don't know what mark wants to toss or keep, it will wait til he gets home from work, and i will be the stairs lady. joy.

What i've been reading:
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (booktape at my house)
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (booktape in the car)
Harry Potter and the Order of the PHoenix (booktape in mark's house)
Frogs & French Kisses
Care and Handling of Dragons
Angels and Demons

yeah, iknow, i k now, but yes, i can keep them straight.



Michelle said...

Cute card, but I get your point because I think the same way.

I think Sean's Fosterdad's fiancee has to grow up. She must know that kids of all ages [I'm referring to my husband LOL] enjoy their moms cooking better than anyone else's. Me thinks she needs a sense of humour.

I've had that happen to some of my sock yarn. I just used the russian join. It was a pain, but the socks turned out really nice, if that helps any. [g]

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