Wednesday, November 15, 2006

this is interesting

marcia is contemplating doing a different kind of holiday KAL. for 2007. lol. go read this post. it's a definite thought, and i think i'm going to get in on it. my first KAL! well, sorta, lol.

in other news, Liam's school is irritating me. liam told one of his teachers that we weren't living in my house, and now the school insists on having this address. WTF! the other house is the official address, i get all my mail & bills over there, and even my credit card billing is over there. just another instance of bureaucratic crap. oy.

it just makes my head throb that much more (big weather front came through over night, and my PMS is going through the roof).

and, apparently, i'm getting old. i have never had knee trouble. never. the last 3 days it hurts to go up and down stairs. getting up from chairs hurts. no fucking fair.

and who's up for a little redneck? i've rescued my calendar from my house.
(i'm way behind, btw, this first one is from july 1/2, lol)

you might be aredneck if you've lived in the same house at five different addresses.
. . .you've played air guitar in church.
. . . the fire that burned your yard was started with a bottle rocket.
. . . you were baptized in an above-ground pool.
. . . getting married doesn't mean leaving home.
. . . you inherited a stolen road sign.
. . . you always watch the Super Bowl, but never know who won (i never know, i usually don't watch!)
. . . you proposed to your wife while working under your truck.
. . . locating everyone for your class reunion took less than an hour.
. . . the first drive-in movie you saw was from across the road.
. . .your preacher is also an Elvis impersonator.
. . . you've been banned from karaoke night.
. . . you practice holds on your dog while watching TV wrestling.

what i'm reading:
i'm on a harry potter kick, lol

Harry Potter & the Prisoner of Azkaban (book tape at my house)
Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire (book tape in the car)
Eldest (book tape in mark's house)
The War of the Jewels by JRR Tolkien
Sir Gawain & the Green Knight, Sir Orfeo, and Pearl, by JRR Tolkien.

ok, i'm going to lay down now.


meredith said...

i tracked you down! meredith here of the montreal knits, dans la rue blanket. just read your comment on the harlot's blog. i wanted to say thanks so very much for knitting and sending your contribution. i was so surprised to find a package from omaha - 2 in fact. deawn is a star in my world that's for sure.
thank you thank you thank you

Anonymous said...

HI, I was reading the comments on the Digital YArn blog - you should definitely visit Scotland - I'd give London a miss, though ;0) Well, maybe if you have to!
On the school front, being a teacher I can only imagine that they are freaking out in case your boy has an accident and they only have your 'official' address, and of course, there being noone else in the whole school who would tape