Thursday, January 18, 2007

float like a butterfly, sting like a bee

Edit: i had a link to muhammed ali, as it was his birthday, hence the title. there was supposed to be a blurb about fighting the big fight now, etc, etc, after "there'll never be another like.. ." growl. i also had a bit about a 72-year old man who was rookie of the year in 1966 for NASCAR, who is trying to qualify for the Daytona 500 this year. and blogger just ate it like so many cookies. crap.
there'll never be another like coffee to perk themselves up? just be careful where it's coming from. anymore, you have to watch the sources of ANYTHING you buy nowadays!

ok, on to mundane crap.

it's a good thing i love my daughter. she called me tuesday morning telling me that her car wouldn't start. with the extreme cold, it didn't surprise me. it's an older car (1990!). i told her i wouldn't be able to make it up there, so she took preVTO until 4. she ended up taking the whole day off, cuz she absolutely could not get the bloody thing to jump start. on top of that, she couldn't get her trunk open, either. i think the lock froze. so i told her i'd come yesterday morning, and we'd try again. nothing. just a click. so i'm thinking battery. i took her to work, and then after she called for me to pick her up, we got a new battery, and went back to blair to replace it. THREE fucking hours later, we got the new battery in. mark had sent wrenches to take the cables off, but forgot to send something to take the stabilizer block off the battery. we ended up going to Pamida to buy a cheap socket set, took apart the air filter cover, and finally got the battery changed. click. FUCK! by this time we were both frozen solid, because while the temps were in the mid 20's, there was a good south wind, which was blowing the snow off the roof of the apartment building and into our faces. it took TWO cups of tea to warm me up enough to sleep last night.

to cap everything else off, steph has a dog, and i swear that thing is either part jack russell terrier, or she's got springs in her legs and rubber in her butt! she would NOT stop jumping, no matter what. i finally got a hand in her collar, and made her sit. EVERY TIME I WALKED INTO THE APARTMENT. damned dog. i know she's a puppy, but those damned claws hurt. and yes, for those of you who have dogs, i praised her every time she sat still for me, but it was a struggle. i'm done raising babies, oy.

ok, enough bitching.

no pics, i'm too frigging lazy to download them. in case you haven't noticed, it's 6 in the blessed a.m.

however, there's progress on everything, including the cursed bunting. i need to get my butt in gear though, today's the 18th, and i want to mail everything on the 1st of february. move it, move it, move it!

ok, i'm scramming now. i gotta get the boys up in 15 minutes, and i want a little more quiet time.


Maryellen said...

Sounds like you had a really bad day. I hope you enjoy some quiet time before and after the boys.

Anonymous said...

Wow what a day!

Anonymous said...

Re: Wooly Knob Fiber Mill
They were very sweet and funny Wonderful to deal with. You have to call them to find out status because they didn't once answer my emails. It took them longer than what it should have because they put all of their money into updating machinery and they had the opportunity to move to a farm which they jumped on. So they had no extra money for shipping things out for a while. I had a lot of people recommend them to me and while it was annoying waiting They were very gracious about it (Jamie is a talker last time I called I ended up chatting with him for about half an hour. lol)
Anyway done with my book!