Monday, January 29, 2007


i didn't want to do it. they made me. i'm in the new blogger. oy. we'll see how this works.

anyway, i was supposed to post a pic of the bunting from hell last friday, but i got lazy. so here it is:

This is the third picture i took of this little bugger, and i had to go outside to do it. the bright bits don't pop as much as they appear in this pic, but you know how that crap goes. as miss vi put it at S&B thursday, baby could play outside in the arctic and be comfy! it's soft, but my god, is it dense!

And my contribution to the Holiday Headstart thingie:

i know it's a dishcloth. i've had this cone of peaches & cream for over a year, with the intent of making holiday dishclothes for my family & friends, and never got 'round to it. so this is #1. who knows what else i'll make for the holidays. i'm not inspired yet, i'm still worn out from last month!
other knitting progress. i got hat/bootie set #1 started. the booties are done and the hat is in the decreasing stage. i'll post a pic as soon as it's done. i did have to cheat a bit, as i ran out of the yarn i was using.
i'm up to the hood on the dragon sweater. now all i gotta do is assemble, knit spots and attach, and figure out how i'm going to close it (i really don't wanna use a zipper. oh, and the ridge. mustn't forget the ridge.
that leaves me 2 more sets of hats/booties, and norbert. ugh.
i'm definitely cutting back for next month!
and since i know you've had a hankerin' for this, here we go:
you might be a redneck if you carry more than two extra tires in the back of your truck.
. . . you've taken a pregnancy test and a sobriety test on the same day.
. . .you were married in a Laundromat.
. . . you think a "sex change" means trying the backseat.
. . . a screwdriver is required to open the trunk of your car.
. . . your bucket seats are real buckets.
And i've already started myself out behind on the Pattern a Day calendars. sigh.
Let's finish out 2006, shall we?
9/1-3: Hooded Baby Sweater. At least i think it is, lol. another one of those patterns i pulled out to work. i may have to change it a bit for the purpose i have, but it is cute!
9/4: Silly Snake Scarf. Very cute, but it's done on a knitting machine. sigh.
9/5: Autumn Shrug. This is supposed to be one size fits most (i'll be glad when they get rid of that "all" thing. most things that fit "all" don't fit me!).it's hard to gauge this pattern (get it, gauge? ok, i'll just review then, since you obviously do not appreciate my comedic talent (sniff)), because there's one crappy pic. i don't thinkso, though.
9/6: Julia's Hat. At first i just thought this was an ordinary short-row hat. then i looked closer. teh "popcorn" is very un-bobble-like, and the fringe is actually knit in as well. rock on!
9/7: Opal Fall POncho. made with doublestranded sock yarn. i can think of a better use for sock yarn, like socks for A4A (go knit a pair for them, they want 250 prs by March 7. let's blow their doors off!)
9/1: Strip Method Rose Pattern. Really pretty. i could see attaching a lot of these on hats (not my type of hat, but i know a lot of people who like those kinds of hats)
9/2-3: Dolls! I could see making a plethora of these for little girls. wheee! (there's that granny lust going again!)
9/4-5: Framed Sunset. this is a Dude square. very nice. but too lacey for most of my purposes.
9/6: Universal Shell Lace Hat. this is very nice. and simple. and SOOOOOOOOOO not me, not in that namby pamby peach pastel crap. gimme color!
9/7: Fall Poncho. Doesn't any body get that ponchos are out again? Huh?
ok, i'm tired, i'm going to go take a nap now. gotta gear up for the PARTY CELEBRATION!
(steph's 21, today, wait for the post, lol)


Maryellen said...

The lucky baby who gets the bunting will be warm as toast. Looks like your in early shape for Christmas next year. I'm trying to plan a sweater project but I can't seem to think of anything. I'm sure I'll love what you sent. thanks for the great comment on my blog too. Until next time...

Alcariel said...

The girl's coat is like a muted lime green (more of a celery color) and it's got grey and white/cream accents. It's weird and hard to describe, so I'm just going to go buy something. I'm allowed to do that since it's not for me. Yay for loopholes!!

Anne said...

There......see - maybe not "inspired" but done is always good. One down already for December '07. Woot!