Saturday, January 06, 2007

yes, i'm still bored

however, i've been kinda busy since the 1st. not to mention the fact that i've been praying for the 8th. the kids go back to school. oy! i think we are the only district in the whole country who gave their kids 15 days off!

my simple pleasure for the day:
the boys got into a knock down at hobby lobby, and neither one will tell the same story, so i don't know what happened, except sean was crying and his nose was red, and liam was holding his arm. while i was intensely upset with both of them, when we got home, they both apologized to each other. i accepted it as well. the fact that they are willing to apologize (and sincerely) for wrongs to each other, at this age, gives me hope for them being good young men when they get older.

life has been ok. there's been some adjustments to sean being home all the time. i knew this would be the test, because there's no school to distract. and i'm home this time. the kids are adapting to that as well (as am i!). i've never been home before. it's kinda wierd.

i joined the L&V Sock Marathon and i'm off like a herd of turtles. actually, i'm not doing bad. i've turned the heel on Miss Lime's sock that i'm test knitting, and am now working on the gusset. considering this had been frogged 3 times (curse you arthritic hands and dropped stitches!), i think i've done well! and the Lisa Souza has held up like a champ! i've also knit a hat with sock yarn double stranded with some terryspun (i think that's a coats & clark product, but not sure, i think it's discontinued), and i'm making a multi-directional scarf with cherry RH (hey it's for charity, and i'm trying to use up my stash!) and some red/white/blue sock yarn that i mooched (she was gonna throw it away!) (take that, Norma! red marker that!). i'm also working on a bunting for AC4C for BOL (january's project, i think it stands for Babies of Love).

want a few pics?

sure you do.
This is the multidirectional scarf. i don't know why, but a lot of my pictures have been coming out hideously fuzzy, sigh. i wonder if my zoom is messing up? i LOVE this pattern! it's soooooooo easy! once i clued into it, it was amazingly easy to memorize. i'll have to check back for the finishing wedge, but i doubt i'll ever forget it now that i've done one. they're kinda like salted peanuts. can't just do one. i'll be doing more.

This is the bunting. the reason why it's killing me? it's double stranded light & lofty by red heart, and it's on #10's. yes, my arthritis is giving me fits. i can only work on it for an hour or so at a time. good thing it's a fast knit.

and Deawn is back in town. and guess what she brought me?

she loves me! she brought some for others here (i can't remember, i was in such a haze over getting this myself!) this has the tricoteur sans frontieres (i'm going off memory, ok, i don't speak french) pin, a bumper sticker (which is NOT going on my car, not yet, a nyway!) a glow in the dark duckie key chain, and a lovely little chiffon bag with sparklies on the bottom. the flag looking thing is a magnetic clip for like the fridge. is that the danish flag, gang? i'm too tired to look it up.

What I'm reading:

Shadow Game by Christine Feehan (this was due today, so i'm putting it at the top of the queue)
Star Wars Episode II/Attack of the Clones by R.A. Salvatore (booktape in the van)
Promised Land by Cynthia Felice
To Say Nothing of the Dog by Connie Willis (she also helped with Promised Land)
John Adams by David G. McCullough (booktape in the house)
Lord of the Silent by Elizabeth Peters (booktape at my house)
Knitgrrl: Learn to Knit by Shannon Okey
Knitting Rules by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee

whew, waht a list!

i will leave you with this lovely sight:
you've heard of a chez lounge? how about a chez liam?


Anonymous said...

Your boys are too funny! LOL

I also joined the L&V sock marathon. I've slowed down in buying sock yarn, so it'll be interesting to see if I actually make a dent in my stash this year. LOL So cool that you know them!

Maryellen said...

I'm sorry your kids broke out in fight at the store but it's great that they made up and then made nice. My girls were nicly playing and then a cat fight broke out. they aren't physical they really on tearing each other to pieces with words. Crying happens I hate you was said and they each spent quiet time in their rooms.

noricum said...

That's the Quebec flag.