Sunday, January 14, 2007


here's a few things i found and saved JUUUUUUUUUUST for y'all: these are so frigging cute! go ahead, and cruise the site in general. they've got bits like severed fingers.
and this sounds cool! i think it's much better than american idol, fer sure. i may even try to enter! now, where did i put that manuscript?

i don't have any pics, i'm too lazy. i've also been sick all day, blech. which leads to my simple pleasure: having a man who is willing to take care of it all when i can't, and i know is capable of it. a HUGE front came through, and i was miserable and achy all day. my arthritis was kicking up, i was achy, and i was verging on a migraine all day. i did get up and function to the point of making lunch for the boys (if you can call heating a can of soup and cutting up an avocado making lunch). mark asked if i would take the boys over to my house for a few hours so they could scoop, and he could get a few hours of alone time, since he didn't get his afternoon yesterday (i'll explain more later). the boys scooped, then came in and read. i finished up the roving that erin got for me in Minneapolis a year and a half ago. i've been spinning on this since last summer. and i actually got something similar to what i had on the previous bobbin! i started plying, but we'd been there over 2 hours at that point, and with the snow coming down, i thought we'd better scoot. i'll show you pics when i get it plied. i'm planning on making marnie's gloves that she's just posted. go see, they're cool! it's a different color than she's got, but i still think they'll be nice.

i'm still knitting away on charity stuff. however, i did finish the test sock for miss lime. remind me to tell her about any corrections! i cast on the other sock thursday night (she got to see the finished one, i kitchenered the toe at S&B), but haven't gotten far. i've been knitting away on this. i'm not using any of the recommended yarns. this is for AC4C for one of the sets for BOL. it's a dragon set! i'm also going to do matching booties, and norberta (i'm rechristening her a him as norbert, as this is a boy's set!) from knitty. this will be an extra toy. the yarn i'm using? Caron's Simply Soft Brites in Limeade & Lemonade. the trim is in lemonade. in order to get gauge, i double stranded it (it's a very light worsted, almost DK) and go down 2 needle sizes to a 9. typical for me. i also went to hobby lobby last weekend because i thought i was out of the confetti bright & lofty for the bunting in progress. they didn't have any black, so i bought some of the hobby lobby yarn bea boucle. i thought it MIGHT work. of course, in my perambulations around my house, i discovered another 3 skeins of the confetti, plus another skein of the black that i'm already using. sigh. i'm sure i'll find a use for it. if nothing else, i'll double strand it with some black wool to make it warmer, and ship it off to dulaan.

speaking of wool, i was bad. i had heard that personal threads carried dyes, and i needed a size 9 needle (can't find any of mine, lol), so i headed down there on the last day of the sale, yesterday. ok, so i'm weak. i bought 4 more skeins of malabrigo, and 5 skeins of Galway worsted. my credit card is whimpering. especially since i finally found the link to dudleyspinner's roving. goodness. and she had one named Sean. i HAD to buy that one. (and a few others, sigh). hey, she was having a sale! when it got to my house, sean was so thrilled that he carried it around with him, and lost it in his room. sigh. liam said, "isn't there one named for me?" so i emailed deb. she asked what colors he liked, and he said black, blue & red. i joked to her that it sounded like a bad scrape. she came back with "does he want gravelly bits in it?" he thought that was so funny that he agreed, it could have grey flecks in it! too funny. anyway, so she gave that to me at the sale price as well! i'll see if i can find the link.

i have all my calendars here, but i'm too tired & lazy to go get them, since there's no room on the computer desk for them here at mark's.

The reason why mark didn't get his quiet time yesterday is because the high schools have started holding open houses. liam is in the 8th grade. we have to pick a high school soon, and central had their open house yesterday. we're going to go check out 2 more high schools. all 3 are relatively close to us (approximately 15 minutes drive time, or so). there are 2 we are focusing on specifically, because we think they would be good for him, and for sean as well (sean insists that he will go to the same high school as liam, which is probably good for both of them). liam was so overwhelmed by everything that we didn't stay over an hour, and didn't really get into any of the presentations, other than the main one. i personally like the school. it's almost 100 years old, and feels comfortable to me. i grew up in a high school like this (only a lot smaller, lol). i do believe this was the first high school in nebraska. we'll see though. mark and i have agreed that at this point, liam is old enough to participate in this decision. wow. my babies are growing up.


janine said...

I remember going round schools :-)
We still have selection here and we had to go look at the local comprehensive ( where they would have gone if they were not selected) the local co ed grammar school and also a local independant girls or boys school that give scholarships to the top 12 childern in that school year.
It was interesting to see the differences between then - and it wasn't always the top academic schools that had the best of everything. Good luck finding the right school :-)

Anne said...

Sales are evil. I don't even go visit anymore - too dangerous. :)

Good luck finding a school. I'm sure that's a nerve-wracking process itself.

Maryellen said...

I hope you feel better. the new roving sounds great. You can never have too much wool. What if a blizzard decended and lasted for years. I you have a load of wool you can spin and knit and keep the family warm. But as your kids are ready for high school you proably need more wool as they don't weat baby sweaters anymore so go fprth and stock up. In Nebrask you get to pick your school? Here in Illinois your asigned a school by where you live. Same in New Jersey. Sounds intresting.

AR said...

The dragon set is going to be so neat!

fillyjonk said...

That tomato is frankly, disturbing. And I'm the one who likes weird stuffed toys.

It's like Bob getting taken over by someone who does GMOs. I'd hate to see what happened to Larry....

Anonymous said...

I sent your roving out yesterday on my way home from the dentist. Good thing I didn't have to talk to Norman, the postmaster! My tongne wan't working too good.
Liam should have his roving in a couple of days, the good lord willing and the creek don't rise, or throw down a gob more ice on us poor midwesterners