Tuesday, January 09, 2007

knitting like a fiend

i've been a busy girl. of course the pictures are all at mark's computer! i finished a pair of toddler mittens. oh wait! i posted these on the L&V Sock Marathon! bet i can post the pic! hang on!
woohoo! it worked! these are made with handspun from an etsy shop called perchance to knit. i don't remember the link, or else i would. however, everything else i've done hasn't been photographed yet, so don't worry. i'll post pics later. i've finished the back to the bunting from hell (appropriate that it's black, eh?) i've also finished a pair of booties, and am on the decreases for a matching hat. i think i may have overdone it for AC4C this month, lol. and by the way? it's Bundles of Love, not Babies. oh well, i had the right idea!

I've got some calendar catching up to do!
you might be a redneck if you 've given an oil change as a wedding present.
. . . you've ever used jumper cables to start your washing machine.
. . . you still have scars from the last family reunion.
. . . just thinking about your beard causes others to lose sleep.
. . . your eyeliner is a sharpie (or tattoos?)
. . . there is an electronic singing fish in more than three rooms of your house (hmmmm, the under-the-sea room, miss lime?)
. . . you've ever had your picture taken next to a Dale Earnhardt Coke machine.
. . . whenever you go to the dog pound they ask, "Picking up or dropping off?"
. . . you've stolen turf from a golf course.
. . . you carry money in your bra (does a paycheck count?).
. . . you put antlers on top of your Christmas tree instead of an angel.
. . . you think "watching your weight" means standing naked in front of the mirror (ew!).
. . . your hair salon is also an auto parts store (brings a whole new meaning to lube & oil, eh?).
. . . you went fishing on your wedding day.
. . . you don't think reading should be a requirement for high school graduation.
. . . your favorite restaurant also sells propane.
. . . you use pop-top chains on your Christmas tree.
. . . your wedding buffet includes hush puppies (catered by long john's?)
. . . you bought all your Christmas presents at the liquor store.
. . . you have two big-screen TVs, but no running water.
. . . nothing under your Christmas tree is paid for (hmmm, grand larceny, credit cards, handmade gifts? your choice!)
. . . your car has never had a full tank of gas.
. . . your porch swing is a tire swing.
. . . you said your wedding vows while watching a football game out of the corner of your eye.
. . . you remember the entire NASCAR schedule but can't remember your wife's birthday.
. . . you think a "balanced diet" means starting and ending the day with a Big Mac.

well, that was 2006! woohoo!

now, how about a little crochet?

8/1: Recycled Plastic Tote Bag. i've been saving bags for years to do something similar, but the thought of cutting up all those bags just makes me shudder. i think i'll just use crappy yarn instead (it will still feel like plastic, and be easier to deal with!)
8/2-3: Bourbon Rose Jug/Bowl Cover Pattern. this is cute. very lacey. i could see it working well, particularly if you lined the back so bugs couldn't get through.
8/4: Filet Square Wire Earrings. These are cute, but it's still the same problem i've had before: working with wire. sets my teeth on edge, and would probably put my arthritis in an uproar.
8/5-6: Blossoming Fleur-de-Lis Necklace. this is kind of pretty, but the yarn they used is too fuzzy for my taste. something like this should be crisp, like linen or cotton.
8/7: Ivy Rose Square. this is pretty, and might actually work. it's a little holey, but not bad. however, i've noticed, this designer has a thing for bullion stitch, lol.
8/8: Zeitgeist. this is a dude square (i'm not linking right now, i had trouble the last time i did). very nice. would definitely work for a baby square. no holes!
8/9: Tan Button Purse. this is cute, but it's made with Lion Brand thick & quick chenille. i can't hack that stuff!
8/10: Perfect Foot Beach Sandies. these are cute. however, they seem to think these will get you into a restaurant. i thought the idea was things on the BOTTOMS of your feet?
8/11: Fashionable Filet Scarf. This comes perilously close to a non-pattern. anyone who crochets knows what filet is. they are right about filet work being calming to work though. and the fringe is fun! ch 5, fasten off the ends, and then use as fringe. i can live with that!
8/12-13: Cool Baby Blanket. this is cool. it's got a stitch that drops below, so youv'e got a ridged pattern all across. i like!
8/14: Crochet Dangle Scarf. this is a band crocheted to go around your neck, and the ties dangle. um, yeah. looks dorky to me.
8/15-16: Maritime Overlay. this is cool, but it has too many holes for baby stuff. and it's a dude pattern as well.
8/17-18: Square Filet Jug or Bowl Cover. another, pretty thing. and you can bead the center as well, if you wish! i like that whomever designed these did them with cobalt blue beads.
8/19-20: Crochet Chair Seat. looks like fun. can you imagine the color possiblilities? as long as you could find the appropriate twine!
8/21: Ribbed Baby Booties. I'm not a huge fan of crochet ribbing, although i did use it for the hat for Janice. they are cute, though.
8/22: Knot So Fast. a little holey, but since it's 13", i could probably adapt it for A4A or some such. dude square
8/23: Shades of Denim Potholder. this is nice. would make a quick & easy housewarming gift. and an easily available yarn (peaches & cream).
8/24: Jubilee Scarf. non pattern. total focus on the yarn. and it's hideous. oy.
8/25-27: Red Flower Poncho. A filet poncho with flowers worked in. interesting.
8/28: Summertime Tissue Cover. ultimate kitsch. oh stitchy! (i'm running away!)
8/29-30: Lizzy Poncho. looks pretty straightforward at first. then you notice the details, like the pretty edging, etc. for a poncho, it's not bad.
8/31: Flower Coaster. this is cute, but i think i'd use something more absorbent, like cotton.

ok, i must dash!


Dudleyspinner's Tie Dye Rovings said...

Looks like you have been busy! What kind of wheel do you have?

AR said...

Cute mittens. I always think "I'm knitting like a fiend." Do you know what that means? I probably should, but... LOL