Tuesday, March 06, 2007

let's see

i've been extremely laggardly about posting. just haven't been feeling it, sorry.
and to warn you, this will be a picture heavy post. i'm waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay behind.

let's start with this:
These are the wyvern socks. i got this pattern from marnie, the same lovely lady who wrote the dragon hoodie pattern. for those who don't know, wyverns are a wingless type of dragon :).
How about these?:
These were made with the remnants of the yarn from the wyvern socks.
The yarn was trekking xxl colorway # 69 (giggle). the toes & heels are lisa souza sock merino in the colorway Emerald City. I had actually used this yarn to make the test socks for miss lime, but you won't see those. at least not until the book comes out, lol.

these two pair plus the test knit ones have winged their way to san francisco as a stop on their way to afghanistan. miss lime also sent a pair along with mine. fetching those was an adventure! as most of you know, there was a HUGE snowstorm last week, that shut down a large part of the country on thursday, and even friday in some parts. i went NOWHERE thursday. mark even ended up coming home early. when he called at noon to tell me they were talking about closing at 1, i got the boys bundled up and we went outside to scoop. sean has a pair of snowpants that still barely fit, so he was the last one out the door. just as he shut the door, i checked my pockets and realized i didn't have my housekey. we were locked out. 10 inches of snow on the ground, howling winds, and we were locked out. no cell phone, no keys, no way to get in the van. sigh. i was able to dig out the garage (we had blocked the door because we had had possums hiding in the back of it, and the "expert" we called said if we blocked the door for a few days, they'd find somewhere else to go. of course, the door never got unblocked because we don't use the garage, as it's too small to be of much use to our monstor vehicles), and had the boys go in there, so they'd be out of the wind. i knew mark would be home in an hour or so, so we could have toughed it out in there, but i'm stubborn. i did find a window that was unlocked, and squirmed in the house (i'm getting too old to break into my own house any more!), and let the kids in. sean's first words? "mom, you saved our lives!" of course, now, every time we go outside for anything other than going some where, sean checks to make sure the door is unlocked, lol.

going to fetch the socks from miss lime was an adventure as well. while driving there wasn't too bad, driving back was actually worse. we had taken a different route back, and while 60th street is normally considered a major street, it hadn't been plowed very much. it was actually like driving on a washboarded country road in spots, there was so much snow. even worse? ames avenue. this is a major street leading from north omaha to the rest of omaha, and it was hideous. some poor slob had to stop just before the crest of a hill on 52nd st, and couldn't get going again, in the middle lane. i tried to give him room, but nobody would let me back down the hill to do so. finally, after 3 light cycles, i got backed down far enough for him to squirm over to the outer lane, where there was some dry pavement. he was able to make it up the hill in that lane. since i drive a lovely, HEAVY front-wheel-drive minivan, i was able to make it back up the hill in that lane.

steph bought a car. i'd show you a picture, but she hasn't sent me the one she took yet, so you'll just have to imagine it. it's a 2005 dodge stratus. my mom cosigned the loan with her, so she got better interest than i did! she bought it the day before the storm, lol. she ended up not coming in to work thursday, and they told her she'd have to take points. that made her very unhappy, but she wasn't going to risk her life for a stupid job. as it was, they closed at 230, and they forgave all points for that day. she went to work friday, but it was blowing so hard, she gave up after lunch, and went home early. it was just as well, because blair ended up being in a blizzard warning again. the real pain in the butt thing? her roommate's boss came and got her to take her to work on thursday, so steph went to pick her up. when she got out of the car, the wind caught the door and slammed her hand in it hard enough to make the door latch. fortunately, no broken bones, but all the clinics had closed at 1 on thursday, so she had to go to the emergency room to get it treated. since she doesn't have insurance, that will be expensive. i did tell her to talk to them when she got the bill, and make payment arrangements.

ok, ready for more pics?
this blurry pic is a baby sweater/hat/bootie combo that is going to the Binky Patrol in california. they're made with Caron Simply Soft Brites, colorway Limeade. this yarn is VERY soft.

This is the same set, done in redheart supersaver colorway stars and stripes. i'm going to have to take my camera in, i think. the focus is messing up. these weren't even zoomed a bit, and they're blurry, sigh.

This is the same sweater done in baby yarn (don't ask me what kind, i don't have the label any more, although it's the same yarn that i used for steph's turtle, oh so long ago) using baby yarn made this turn out a large preemie size, which is what i was aiming for. this pic was taken a couple weeks ago, which may be why it didn't turn out so blurry.

This hat & bootie set go with the above sweater. i made the hat so that it would be open at the top if necessary (that bow is actually a drawstring), as they sometimes run IV's for preemies to the top of their heads, because the skin on their arms/legs/ hands can be so thin, and the blood vessels are bigger there.

Here's another preemie sweater. i actually had to adapt a pattern for a micro-preemie, which was done in baby yarn, so that i could use worsted yarn. you can see how tiny it is. i made the sleeves extra big so it would be easier to get the little one's arms in and out.

This hat was done in granite stitch crochet, with the same kind of drawstring feature i mentioned earlier.

These were some more scarves i sent with robyn to chicago last month. i'm going to stop here for now, as i'm not sure what pictures i've actually downloaded, lol. i'll catch y'all on the flip side (i'm hungry too, it's lunch time!)


Anonymous said...

seriously lady, you're a crazy knitter! i wish i had as much drive as you do to knit for charity. i've got all this yarn that i want to do charity stuff with, but all i can think to do with it is make blanket squares. it's that red heart stuff that's all fuzzy, making it hard to crochet with. bah.

i bow to you, oh master of charity knitting!

(and my mom cried when she saw all the scarves you made)

Maryellen said...

I'm glad you and kids didn't turn into popcicles. love all the knitting you put the time indoors to good use. I really love the little green sweater. until next time...

Lucinda said...

What a time to get locked out! My employer has a division in South Dakota & we ended up covering for them on Thursday & Friday. Only the barest of flurries happened this far south this time, though.

Good job on all the industrious yarn usage, too!

Anne said...

My! You've been busy. Glad all's well that ends well with regards to the storm. It's been a busy weather month these last 4 weeks!

Judith said...

My, you've been prolific!

Congratulations on all of your hard work and pretty stuff!

Lexy Girl said...

You go on with your charity knitting self! Good job :)

I, monkey helper of doom, am not in the marathon (*gasp*). Not that I wouldn't be, I just don't have the sock yarn stash that all you crazies... err... I mean... eccentrics do *grin*

Michelle said...

Wow, you've been cranking out the knitting, haven't you? It all looks great. I may have to give these Wyvern socks a go.

Did you get any of that superwash merino?