Saturday, March 17, 2007


ok, this is frustrating. apparently something is wrong with mark's computer. i can't access blogger, or my bank from his computer.

so, all my pics are on his computer! gah!

anyway, go check my etsy site. i've uploaded 2 more skeins of yarn. they're goblin elbows super wash by tara. i'm also working on easter egg ornaments, which i'll be putting up shortly. i think you'll like!

well, since the in laws are coming for corned beef and cabbage i'd better scram



Judith said...

Hey, I like the new look to your blog!

Michelle said...

Whoa, thought I had the wrong blog for a minute! Very nice.

puck said...

i like the blue, very pretty! noce stuff on etsy too! i'm on another yarn diet, trying to work down some of my stash, but i am sure i won't be able to resist buying some for very long :>