Tuesday, March 20, 2007

i've been busy

see these?

These are a small dent in my mileage for the L&V Sock Marathon. This is the same yellow & blue yarn i used to make these mittens. after these, i think i've got a thumb-sized ball of it, plus a thumb-sized ball of the xxl trekking color #69 (giggle). these are toddler sized, and i started them yesterday afternoon and finished them last night. fuuuuuuuuuuuuun stuff! definitely fraternal, lol. they're 4 1/2 inches from toe to heel, so i think that would fit a toddler (i hope!) as soon as i get the tails tucked, they will go in the box for Dulaan.
life has been interesting around here. Pray for me. i just volunteered to be a chaperone for a field trip for liam's band class. on friday. Gulp.
and the A+ classes started again today. the crappy part? it's from 9:09 to 9:39 on tuesday mornings. apparently, having it as the last period on fridays didn't work well, because kids were skipping out on the classes, and going home early. sigh. So, once again, i get the weekly torture of trying to teach kids to cast on & knit. there is one boy in the group this time, but i think he was forced. he did not look happy. there was another girl who wanted out RIGHT NOW. she hated it. poor things.
sean is taking origami, and liam is taking kitchen science (imagine that, getting to eat twice at school!) i think liam did it specifically because he thought he would get to eat, lol. i'll have to ask him what they did today. sean says they did cranes (sean threw up after lunch (greasy school food, sigh) so he's home now)
well, since my day has been all screwed up, i'll dash now. i've got some spinning to do before i go to the store.

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Lynne said...

Heh - hope the field trip works out well. You are a busy girl!