Sunday, March 18, 2007


Edit: I added pictures (for those of you who wonder why this post showed up again on bloglines, lol)
i know, no pics yet, but i'm working on it. i'll just upload them to flickr, and then post them.

so, imagine for now, there'll be pics later.

i got sucked in again at AC4C, lol. i didn't want to commit to anything this month, just cuz my brain has been fried over the last two months. but i got sucked in, lol. they're doing something similar to what they did in feb, but for a group in Michigan. they need diaper bags. so, i decided, what the heck. a crocheted bag is a breeze, particularly if you use 3 strands of yarn and a huge ass hook. SOOOOOOOOOOOOO. . . .

(here's where the imagination comes in. imagine a big tote-style bag, with the handles worked in as a part of the bag, in black & red) this was when i ran out of yarn for the night.

i almost ran out of red yarn doing this one! the handles are a bit off-set (i wasn't paying attention, i was in crochet fast mode!), but it's definitely a useable bag. and the funny part is that when Mom was over last night with Dad for corned beef and cabbage, she said not to be surprised if it went walkabout with her. must have turned out nice! mark was so impressed with it when he got home on friday, that he asked if i could make music equipment bags with the same technique. apparently the chef at his work was hunting stuff for his equipment, and ended up buying camera cases, because they're padded. mark said he may see if he can find a place to advertise things like that, and who knows, i may be off and running again!

anyway, that first bag went so quickly (i started it tuesday about 4 pm, had to stop at 7 cuz i RAN OUT OF YARN, then, when i got more yarn wednesday morning, had it finished by the time he came home for lunch), i decided to volunteer to make another one. this one is in pinks. well, mostly pinks. i've got a red heart giant that is called sunrise (or some such) that is pink and white, and little bits of yellow.
(imagine it here)

it's quite pretty, and the bag is turning out nicely. as an experiment, i did it with 4 strands to see if that would make a thicker, cushier fabric, since mark said the red/black wasn't quite thick enough. looks nice so far, but with the same # of base stitches, i'm actually getting a smaller bag? go figger.

well, i'm off like a herd of turtles, since mark's beer is warming in the van, along with the boys' candy bars (they've been REALLY good today). i'll post more tomorrow.

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