Wednesday, March 28, 2007

oy vey

i wasn't going to blog today, but i gotta speak up, sigh.

i got liam's grades today.

4 F's. 1 D. 1 C. 1 B. 1 A.

the F's were in classes he's been struggling with keeping up with the homework: science, social studies, language arts and lit.

the D was in Algebra, because he got himself so far behind.

the C was in computer applications. he hated that class last year, and doesn't like it any more this year.

the B was in health. from what i could get from the teacher, it was a super easy class. no homework. lots of movies. oy.

the A? Band. Mostly because he turns in so much practice time. we make him practice 30 minutes every evening, except thursdays, and saturdays (and sometimes he does then, too, it's just not mandatory for those days). the requirement is 100 minutes a week. you do the math. (ok, ok. without thursday and saturday, he turns in 150 minutes of practice time a week. that's what happens when your dad is a musician, lol)

i haven't gotten sean's grades yet. i'll have to check with his old foster dad. he got the last ones, because the school lost the superintendent's letter stating that sean was home with us again. i'll wait a few days and see. if not, i'll call the school, as well. funny part? the school KNOWS my last name has changed, but i'm still getting stuff from them in my maiden name. i know they know, because everybody calls me by my married name. i even filled out paperwork to that effect. but any relevant school paperwork that comes in the mail still comes in my maiden name. oy.

liam irritated me last night, as well. he was missing a social studies assignment, and forgot his book at school. sooooooooo. since they announced at school orientation before school started that the building was open until 10 pm, and that liam's counselor had brought her kid back at 8 pm to fetch a book, i knew i could take him back. so we went at 530, and we got his damned book. and he finished his assignment. he's actually doing pretty well, right now. he's a little behind in social studies, but still passing. lit has an A+ (100%!). Algebra is running an A. i haven't heard from science, or computer applications. Language arts isn't doing so hot, but he's slowly catching up with all his work. i know all this because i email his teachers on a regular basis. so he is turning it around. i just wish he wouldn't wait until last quarter of the year to do it. sigh.


TitaniumRose said...

Hang in there - school is almost over. Good to hear that things are improving with Liam - there may just be hope for him yet. =)

Trixie said...

It's not just your child. My 8 yr old godchild is having the same problem. Apparently she is not "organized" and thus never turns in assignments, etc. Even though her folks make sure the work is done, it just isn't getting to the teacher. Her report card came home with horrible scores and her folks hit the roof. No one at school had thought - THOUGHT - to tell them that their child's work wasn't getting turned in! OY! Hang in there. He is doing so much better :)

Alcariel said...

PLEASE tell/show me that you got a pic of Jen's baby blanket Saturday!! I can't wait to see it done!